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Originally Posted by Mark_Duper View Post
Im glad you took the time to research it all, I'm impressed. Its all in vain, I still believe I am right. You've mentioned 1 game in the 10 year span. List them all if you want to provide all your damning evidence.
Well the point is there is only one instance of 2 football league clubs getting to the semi finals.

And I mentioned another situation where Liverpool and Chelsea met in the semi's while less illustrious opponents met in the other.

Arsenal and United have met in the semi's on at least 2 occasions in the last 10 years (remembering the game with Giggs' wonder goal).

I'd be more interested to see what proof has led you to your belief. I fully expect not to be able to convince you otherwise despite what history suggests, because you want to believe this conspiracy more then you know you should believe it.
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