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Originally Posted by Khaled View Post
Well in 1990 England drew Holland and Ireland (teams that had beaten them in the Euro's 2 years previously). Holland were widely viewed as one of the best teams there.

In 1998 England drew Colombia who were as shocking as this sounds, viewed as dark horses for the tournament and a very strong Romanian side before England met Argentina in the next round after qualifying. Maybe the refs were on England's side in that one as well as a debatable sending off and disallowed goal went against England.

Granted 2006, the draw went about as much in Englands favour as possible, but the previous world cup's were far from the case. Brazil have had easier draws (Turkey, Costa Rica and China in 02 or Scotland, Costa Rica and one team that escapes me in 1990).

The fact is all the evidence suggests to things evening themselves out over the years. Obviously England, like all the European teams are at a slight advantage because they're more likely to be kept away from other European powers, factored with the seeding system where England were ranked number 1 seeds for the last tournament means they aren't going to face Brazil or Argentina.

You could argue if this is fixing but I'd suggest it preserves the integrity of the tournament by making sure the most deserving teams get through to the latter rounds. And in any case its carried out in an overt manner and its not the point you're getting out.

Just because England don't draw a group with Brazil, France and Cameroon every year doesn't mean its fixed.
Can I ask you again. as you appear to have missed this part previously:

Slightly suspicious ? Do you think that the other half of that World Cup in South korea was slightly suspicious ?

I think this is important to the issue as it questions the creditability of FIFA, who conduct these draws.
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