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Old 19.10.2009, 07:51 PM
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Default Week 7 ESPNA Games Draftable Senior Prospects Review

Here we go with the review for the 4 games shown in the UK this week:

Week 7

Cincinnati at South Florida


Mardy Gilyard – WR – 6-0 – 185 - # 1 – showed his ability at times in this one, but didn’t impress me as much as he did earlier in the season. On the plus side, he showed good ability after the catch and showed good route running ability. On the negative side, he dropped a catch and I thought caught the ball more in his body than I saw before.

Tony Pike – QB – 6-6 – 215 - # 15 – a prospect who appeared to be rising up draft boards, but the wrist/arm injury will raise a question mark. Threw only one real NFL type pass – a 20 yard out – which showed an OK, but not great arm. Has ability to throw on the move and create – looks like he needs to add some weight, looked very thin on the sideline in street clothes.

South Florida

Nate Allen - DB-FS - 6-2 – 205 - # 5 – had an OK game –question his speed as he was trailing a WR deep. Involved in the run game, broke up a screen and got a gift of a INT.

Jerome Murphy - DB-CB - 6-1 – 185 - # 3 – very active in this one. Had three penalties against him – but did show a good break on the ball and the ability to cover tightly. Has some skills, but has some rough edges.

George Selvie – DE - 6-4 - 252 - # 95 – had a good game without showing top explosion off the ball. Held up against the run well – used his quickness to get inside his blocker. Made a big play in the passing game – standing up, used his hands well to shed the T and sacked the QB and forced the fumble. Other than that he was quiet in the passing game and indeed was more productive against the run.

Oklahoma vs Texas


Chris Brown – RB - 5-11 – 208 - # 29 – showed has is a reliable receiver out of the backfield and has tackle breaking ability. Good have a shot in a 3rd down RB role – but his blocking needs to improve – he got run over in pass protection one time.

Keenan Clayton – LBO - 6-2 – 220 - # 22 – off in coverage against the slot man a fair bit. Obviously had the earlier late hit penalty – made a couple of plays, but otherwise quiet.

Auston English – DE - 6-3 – 254 - # 33 – made a couple of plays but was otherwise quiet. His FF came about as he was unblocked – but he was in on a sack where he beat the T outside. A tweener type who will a good combine time.

DeMarcus Granger – DT - 6-3 – 306 - # 96 – didn’t start, but rotated into the game some. He was able to get off blocks a couple of times and make tackles – didn’t show up with his pass rushing.

Brian Jackson - DB-CB - 6-1 – 202 - # 2 – I came away impressed with him. Not afraid to be physical in coverage – which went against on a pass interference call – but he did a good job in coverage and showed a nice break on the ball. Diagnosed a screen well and made a nice play also.

Ryan Reynolds – LBI - 6-2 – 230 - # 4 – wasn’t in the game all the time and struggled to make an impact. Made a TFL – but was unblocked.

Trent Williams – OT - 6-5 – 309 - # 71 – at times he looks like a dominant prospect – in the run game he can get under his man, drive and finish. In pass protection he has good feet and shadows well. He doesn’t always lock up his man though, which I would like to see him do and he does leave his feet a little too often for my liking. On the whole it’s clear he’s a top prospect – but he does mostly play in a 2 point stance and seeing him lunging off the ball and falling one time when in a 3 point stance was a negative.


Chris Hall - OC - 6-4 - 300 - # 71 – leaves his feet too often and indeed got called for a chop block penalty – he does show the ability to square up and block, so why not just stay on your feet and get the job down that way? Struggled in space – missed a couple of blocks on the second level.

Lamarr Houston - DT - 6-2 - 290 - # 33 – Oklahoma had trouble dealing with Houston inside. He was able to get off blocks in both phases of the game and was in on several plays. Very positive performance.

Sergio Kindle - LBO - 6-4 - 254 - # 2 – made 3 TFL’s (1 he was unblocked) including a nice swim move over the T to show he can defend the run too. Was quiet for the most part with his pass rush with only 1 QB pressure. Nice to see anothr side of his game. Question instincts – not feeling a screen when at LB – came too far upfield.

Hunter Lawrence - PK - 6-0 - 187 - # 15 – hit 2 FG’s of just over 40 yards – both had plenty of leg, which looked promising. Doesn’t kick off, which goes against him.

Colt McCoy - QB - 6-3 - 216 - # 12 – McCoy’s INT perfectly demonstrated the spread offense and shows why a jump to the NFL will be a big one for him and other QB’s running the system. On the play McCoy read the defense and decided where the ball was going – the WR did the same – a quick pass and as the WR wasn’t on the same page it goes straight to a CB. There’s much more involved in the NFL and you are projecting him which is a red flag for me. Also worrying was how he doesn’t step into his throws – indeed when under pressure he was really flinching – can he stand in the pocket to deliver a ball with a defender about to hit him hard? Too many questions for me to want to pay him a ton of guaranteed money as a top pick.

Roddrick Muckelroy - LBO - 6-2 - 235 - # 38 – made a couple of plays, but was generally quiet. Ran over Chris Brown to pressure the QB and also beat the TE to the hole to make a play in the run game. Didn’t show up enough overall though.

Jordan Shipley - WR - 6-0 - 192 - # 8 – Oklahoma did an excellent job of neutralising Shipley who was clearly not used to being kept out of the game to this extent. He also muffed a punt.

Adam Ulatoski - OT - 6-8 - 310 - # 74 – looked good in the run game. Squares up well and shows drive blocking ability. Struggles more in the passing game – doesn’t have quick feet – and bends at the waist and gets himself off balance – beaten outside once and in trouble a few other times. RT candidate – might be too tall to play inside at G.

Continued below:
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Old 19.10.2009, 07:52 PM
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Arkansas at Florida

Joined in progress due to Tex/Okla over run.


Mitch Petrus – OG - 6-4 – 315 - # 66 – Petrus is a solid prospect – he lacks top athletic ability and struggles at times with quickness – but he has excellent technique which makes up for that. He also has the advantage of being used to playing left and right Guard in Arkansas’s system. At least will be a valuable back up.

Malcolm Sheppard – DT - 6-2 – 282 - # 96 – did an excellent job of collapsing the pocket and getting pressure on Tebow. Showed quickness off the ball, power and also a couple of different move. Looks like he will be valuable on 3rd down for a 4-3 team. May need to add some bulk as he didn’t show up that much in the running game – but a DT who can get a pass rush will get an early look on draft day.


Riley Cooper - WR - 6-3 - 215 - # 11 – had two drops in this one and indeed I suspect he’s still having nightmares about the over the shoulder ball he dropped! Did make a couple of catches, but one he’ll want to forget overall.

Jermaine Cunningham - DE - 6-3 - 252 - # 49 – disrupts with his quickness – got a sack and also blew up a running play. Struggles to get off blocks though – one of several tweener types this week.

Dustin Doe - LBO - 6-0 - 232 - # 32 – saw more action this week with Spikes getting hurt. Unfortunately didn’t take his opportunity to impress – struggled getting off blocks.

Brandon James - RB - 5-7 - 186 - # 25 – James always looks dangerous on returns, but he also gives ground too much and this practice will get him into problems in the NFL. Not involved much offensively.

Tim Tebow - QB - 6-3 - 245 - # 15 – in this one, things weren’t going great for Florida – but he showed his leadership ability and helped his team to the win. I thought his passing was better than last week – his spiral being smoother. He’s got a good enough arm, has touch and obviously can run. But as per McCoy the offense does not make him NFL ready – he also has taken a lot of punishment over 4 years which is a concern. Biggest concern with him is footwork when passing.

South Carolina at Alabama

South Carolina

Eric Norwood – OLB – 6-0 – 252 - # 40 – only showed up when he had his hand down at DE – looked quick off the edge and hit the QB as he threw after a nice tight spin move. At LB he looked tentative and struggled to get off blocks. Still a top prospect after earlier season performances, but leaves a tweener doubt in the mind.

Darian Stewart – SS – 5-11 – 216 - # 24 – showed he can hit with a nice tackle and was in on a break up of a deep pass, but otherwise wasn’t that active.

Garrett Anderson – OC – 6-4 – 308 - # 70 – didn’t start, but played from the 2nd quarter on. Did a decent job inside – gets his arms extended in pass protection – but does tend to lunge off the ball in the run game.


Terrence Cody – NT – 6-5 – 354 - # 62 – best I’ve seen him play this season. Showed good hand use to shed and was in on several plays. Not a factor in the passing game – one dimensional 3-4 space eater.

Mike Johnson – OG – 6-6 – 305 - # 78 – looks like he needs to get stronger – didn’t hold his blocks long enough in the run game and also left his feet too much including a chop block penalty.

Marquis Johnson – CB – 5-11 – 192 - # 24 – was picked on by South Carolina, but held up fairly well and indeed got better as the game went on. Don’t think he’ll need practice on defending fades this week as he saw a good few and did well. Would like to see him turn for the ball consistently (which gave him the problem on the flea flicker pass interference call) though.

Justin Woodall – FS – 6-2 – 220 - # 27 – had a similar game to Stewart – showed he can hit and made a couple of plays in coverage but was otherwise quiet.

Drew Davis – OT – 6-7 – 305 - # 79 – I believe in every game I have seen him this season he’s got beaten off the edge at least once – he doesn’t move his feet quick enough and then bends at the waist. Looked effective when pulling in this one – able to locate Norwood on more than one occasion and neutralise. Might warrant a look inside.

Colin Peek – TE – 6-6 – 255 - # 84 – only thrown to once – catching a short out with soft hands. Does a good job sealing the edge – isn’t over powering, which may hurt his pro chances but he has ability.

Brandon Deaderick – DE – 6-4 – 287 - # 95 – was able to get off blocks and make a few plays in this one – play some 3-4 DE and some 4-3 DT as Alabama mixed up their fronts.

Leigh Tiffin – PK – 6-1 – 200 - # 99 – I wanted to see Tiffin attempt a longer FG and I got the chance in this one as he attempted a 49 yard FG which was no good – looked like it was struggling for legs and faded left as it ran out of steam. KO’s were averaging out at around the 7 yard line.

Lorenzo Washington – DT – 6-5 – 275 - # 97 – showed some quickness on a couple of occasions – disrupting. Played some NT on passing downs as well as 4-3 DE and 3-4 DE – his best chance will be to bulk up a bit and play 3-4 DE I feel.

No one really jumps out as Prospect of the Week for Week 7 – but I’ll go for: Brian Jackson – CB – Oklahoma.

Later round Prospect of the Week is: Mitch Petrus – OG - Arkansas
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