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Old 24.09.2010, 04:41 PM
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Thumbs up Lets go jets

The JETS will break the Dolphins 2-0 record there is no doubt in my mind.

I dont care that Revis is hurt we still have other players and this is our year!!!
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Old 26.09.2010, 04:31 PM
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Thought i would join, we jets fans have to stick together

Name: Rob
Age: 38
Location: shropshire
Fan of Nfl Since:since early 80s
Fan of the Jets since: early 80s
Why the Jets: first team i saw, and just loved the sack exchange (showing my age now)

Favourite Current Jet(s):Revis, mangold, sanchez
Favourite former Jet: mark gastineu
Favourite Jets moment: coming back from behind to beat phins in ot
Worst Jets moment: 2nd half of brett favre season

Hopes for the season: superbowl - hey why settle for anything less
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Old 14.10.2010, 12:09 PM
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Name: Nick
Age: 24
Location: Sheffield
Fan of Nfl Since: 2000
Fan of the Jets since: 2000
Why the Jets: Mixture of reasons, used to go to an American themed restaurant as a kid(still go now) and above where I used to sit at our usual table there was a full size Jets helmet on display.
Also like the kits, the history of the team and the rivalries.

Favourite Current Jet(s): Dustin Keller, Nick Mangold, Shaun Ellis, Mark Sanchez
Favourite former Jet: Wayne Chrebet
Favourite Jets moment: 2006 NYJ 17 @ NE 14 in the mud, Ellis levelled Brady on the final play to secure the win. But really anytime we beat the pats.
Worst Jets moment: Too many to list

Hopes for the season: To win it all!
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Old 24.10.2010, 09:12 PM
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Name: Mat
Age: 26
Location: Bromley
Fan of Nfl Since: 2003
Fan of the Jets since: 2003
Why the Jets: First team I picked on Madden that year! Works out well as I disliked the Pats and Fins anyway. Not a casual fan... I live and breathe gang green!

Favourite Current Jet(s):Mangold, Richardson, Keller Harris
Favourite former Jet: Vinny, Joe, Wayne Chrebet The Usual Suspects...
Favourite Jets moment: It was a Monday night a few years back... I'm sure some of you know what transpired...
Worst Jets moment: Chad Pennington taking the Fins to the Playoffs at our expense.

Hopes for the season: Anyone who says anything less than Superbowl needs to evaluate which team they should follow!

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Old 26.10.2010, 11:36 PM
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Join Date: 18.10.2010
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Name: Eric
Age: 36
Location: Chorley
Fan of Nfl Since: 1982
Fan of the Jets since: 1982
Why the Jets: Well, being born in NY helps, but it was solidified in 86, when I saw Dan Marino and Ken O'Brien have a massive shootout in Giants stadium. Jets tied the game with a few seconds left, and then scored the winning touchdown in OT! Classic cardiac kids!

Favourite Current Jet(s): LT, Revis, Cromartie, Leonhard, B. Scott...hell, the whole Jets D!
Favourite former Jet: The Sack Exchange, O'Brien, Wesley Walker, Al Toon, Vinny, Chrebet, Curtis "My Favorite" Martin
Favourite Jets moment: The Monday Night Miracle. Nothing better than suishing the fish.
Worst Jets moment: Testaverde's Achillies hell injury in first game vs. The Pats in 99....that was our year.

Hopes for the season: If it's not a ring...then it's not good enough!

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Old 23.01.2011, 04:43 PM
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Join Date: 26.01.2010
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Name: PHIL

Age: 25

Location: London

Fan of Nfl Since: 2008

Fan of the Jets since: 2008

Why the Jets: After visiting NY in 2008 i fell in love with the place and return at least twice every year, ive always loved Football and had to pick a team, so with my passion for NY i went with the Jets. I dont know why but the thought of supporting the giants didnt intrest me.

Favourite Current Jet:Revis, mangold, scott, greene, LT, keller, edwards,

Favourite former Jet: not really applicable to me

Favourite Jets moment: Beating the pats the other night in the play-off's never felt so passionate about the team before. THEN BARTT SCOTT'S POST GAME INTERVIEW....CANT WAIT!!!

Worst Jets moment: When Sanchez throws an interception! Any defeat!

Hopes for the season: Kick the steelers ass tonight and win the SB!!

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Old 23.01.2011, 08:01 PM
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OK, iv`e dodged this for long enough but the time and our time has come?
name: Bullitt
fan since:1982 nicky horne CH4 and all that
jets fan: 1982 yes those magnificent NYSE
Jets fan because: I think its more than Gastineau`s sack dance but?
Fave moment: as eric below, that game with Al Michaels commentary "O`brien gunnin for it all to walker" eternal moments,,,
Worst Moment: Double overtime loss in Championship game against Cleveland 86-87 season
Fave past Jet: Joe Klecko,Mark Gastineau,Larry Faulk & Marty Lyons. Obrien,McNeil,chrebet
Current: still `ol Sean Ellis
Hopes: Return to see another game at Meadowlands and have a beer with Ed in the bleachers
Right, I`m off to play the CH4 opening credits where Al toon is juggling the ball like mad against the browns whilst a remix of Propogandas "Duel" is playing
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