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Old 14.09.2009, 06:39 PM
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Name: John
Age: 21
Location: Lossiemouth (NE Scotland)
Fan of NFL since: 2005 season
Fan of the Jets since: I started watching NFL in 2005
Why the Jets: I like New York and playing Madden I chose the Jets as my favourite team and have never looked back since.
Favourite Jets: Leon Washington, Kerry Rhodes, Darelle Revis
Favourite former Jets: Chad Pennington, Curtis Martin
Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Patriots in Foxboro last season
Worst Jets Moment: Playoffs against the Patriots, Dbrickashaw didn't realise the ball went backwards and we lost the game.
Hopes for the season: To be in contention within divison and to see the defense improving under Rex Ryan.
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Old 15.09.2009, 12:28 PM
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Name: Bren
AGE: 46
Location: Manchester
Fan of the NFL Since: 1982
Why the Jets: Grand Father was from Manhatten and am Irish decent so Kelly green Jets for me
Favorite Jet current: Revis, washington, fingers crossed Sanchez
Favorite all time Jet: Freeman Mcneil
Fave Moment: beating Pats 31
Worst moment: Double overtime loss to Browns in the playoffs snow and ice and a couple of missed FGs

Hopes for the season: play offs would be nice, been a while since we've looked a threat.
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Old 15.09.2009, 03:52 PM
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Name: Dan

Age: 20

Location: Wimborne

Fan of Nfl Since: 2006

Fan of the Jets since: 2009

Why the Jets: Liked the look of them when I watched them play for the first time against the Dolphins last year (last game), and the fact that most fans are Mets baseball fans (like me) and they played in the same stadiums

Favourite Current Jet(s): Mark Sanchez, of course

Favourite former Jet: All the ones who hate the Patriots
Worst Jets moment: Every loss to the Patriots, and awful draft blunders

Hopes for the season: Superbowl, though I'l be happy with wild card and playoffs for first year with Rex and Sanchez. We have to give them a chance to settle in
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Old 17.09.2009, 11:13 AM
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Name: Jonathan
Age: 31
Location: Leeds
Fan of NFL since: 80s
Fan of the Jets since: 80s
Why the Jets: This is what happens when you leave the decision to a 10-year-old kid. No idea why, probably just liked the kit
Favourite Jets: Revis, Scott, Washington, Keller
Favourite former Jets: Ken O'Brien, Mark Gastineau
Favourite Jets moment: Rex instilling some pride, passion and swagger back into the team
Worst Jets Moment: Going 1-4 in the final five games of last season with Favre's banged up arm
Hopes for the season: play offs
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Old 18.09.2009, 03:00 PM
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Name: Paul
Age: 28
Location: NYC
Fan of NFL since: 80s
Fan of the Jets since: 80s

Why the Jets: My uncles took me to Jets game as a kid and once my father saw how into the games I was he got season tix to the Jets ... so I was just brought up & told to follow the Jets.

Favourite Jets: Leon Washington, Revis, Bart Scott, David Harris, Nick Mangold, Mark Sanchez
Favourite former Jets: Curtis Martin, Mo Lewis, Rob Moore, Al Toon, & was a big fan of Marvin Jones

Favourite Jets moment: Getting Curtis from the Patriots, seeing Curtis Martin throw a TD pass to Wayne Chrebet against the Bucs (to watch Keyshawn Johnson lose was priceless), and watching our defense shut down the Texans in week 1 of the 2009 season

Worst Jets Moment: Going up 10-0 in the first half of the AFC Championship game only to lose to Denver in the 2nd half.

Hopes for the season: Mark Sanchez is the rookie MVP and possibly a super bowl appearance, but i hope to at least make the playoffs.
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Old 18.09.2009, 05:45 PM
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Default thought id introduce myself!

name:john crow
location:east london
fan of the jets since:2003
why the jets:love new york love the jets
fav jets player: loen washington, sanchez?
fav jets moment: beating pats anytime
hopes for the season: playoffs and sanchez to have a good season, beating the pats
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Old 18.09.2009, 09:07 PM
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Name: Simon
Age: 39
Location: Brighton
Fan of NFL Since: I was into the NFL when it was being shown on Channel 4 (thanks) in the 80s with the Refridgerator of the Bears, I even had some PONY trainers and a NFL Quilt with all the teams on it. I did lose interest for a little while but got back into it(as a guy at work was into it and it reminded me of who much I enjoyed it back then), the season Giants/Dolphins played in Wembley was gutted not to go and watch as the tickets were all sold out
Fan of the Jets since: After Super Bowl XLII (2007 Season)
Why the Jets:My first season back, I actually picked the Raiders as my Team but was never happy with them as my team I stayed with them for the season. After watching some games that season I really liked the Jets, the Team, the Colours, the setup and knew that this was my team I even posted a thread explaining my team change, which did meet some critism as you would expect but I said it then I am a Jets fan now and they are my Team. Some times you have to watch some games to know what Team you like.

Favourite Current Jets:Ellis, Revis, Washington, Jones, Cotchery, Keller, Faneca, Harris, Jenkins I guess I could name more...
Favourite former Jet: Curtis Martin.
Favourite Jets moment: That amazing game in New England last season when we beat the Pats 34-31 what a great game...
Worst Jets moment: Any time we lose to the Pats, Dolphins or Bills in that order.

Hopes for the season: I bet a workmate we would make the playoffs so thats my hope that we can make the playoffs and ultimately win the Superbowl although that maybe a tall order but possible with what we saw last year and the improvements made this year just a lot depends on our QB and WR situation

Last edited by Hurricane Warrior; 18.09.2009 at 09:12 PM.
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Old 24.09.2009, 12:51 PM
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Name: Joe
Age: 38
Location: Dublin
Fan of NFL Since: 1980s
Favourite Current Jets: Brad Smith, Nick Mangold
Favourite former Jet: Al Toon, Curtis Martin.
Favourite Jets moment: 42-17 v Packers , 41-0 v Colts, anytime a trick play works
Worst Jets moment: Doug Brien's missed FGs v Pittsburgh
Hopes for the season: Division Title and see what happens from there
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Old 25.09.2009, 11:19 AM
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Name: Scott
Age: 32
Location: London
Fan of NFL Since: 1980s
Favourite Current Jets: Washington, was loving his punt & kick off returns last season
Favourite former Jet: Martin
Why the Jets: My uncle (dolphins fan, RIP) got me in to NFL when I was very young and I chose the Jets purely because I liked the colours of uniform and the helmet design. As an Adult I love all things NY, having visitied a few times and plus as someone mentioned above I am also a rabid METS fan and the two teams go hand in hand.
Favourite Jets moment: beating them ******** from Boston
Worst Jets moment: Losing to them ***** from Boston
Hopes for the season: rookie of the year award for Sanchez and a playoff berth

I'll be at wembley next month showing my Jets colours as I have the past two seasons. Come on the bucs.

another Question for everyone:

DO you have a soft spot for any other teams ???

I have always liked Denver, John Elway was a true great.
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Old 25.09.2009, 07:29 PM
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Name: Gus

Age: 43

Location: Durham

Fan of Nfl Since: 1983

Fan of the Jets since: 1983

Why the Jets:
I was working just outside of Crawley (west sussex) in a hotel and the NFL were doing a 'Go on Holiday with the stars'. So I got to meet alot of Giants players and of course Jets players. The one who had the biggest impression on me was Greg Buttle. From there it really snowballed, but this was waaaay before the internet, so games and footage was extremely precious. The written word in Touchdown(magazine) and of course First down were bibles back then.
I've never been one to jump on bandwagons, so the Jets seemed perfect for me.

Favourite Current Jet(s): Ooh, hard one that. Sanchez has me smiling the most right now.

Favourite former Jet: Loved the sack exchange, Gastineau, Salaam, Klecko and Lyons. Dennis Byrd had an impact on my life for better as well.
How can anyone not love Granthem, Sample, Namath, Snell and Boozer, easy to go on...

Favourite Jets moment: Watching them every sunday, I feel its a privilege.

Worst Jets moment: Anytime they lose, it really hurts....always.

Hopes for the season: Win the big one.

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