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Old 10.09.2016, 09:18 PM
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Default Ravens Predictions this season

Alright guys, its the night before our kick off and i'm almost at full chubb at the thought of the game tomorrow.
So whats everyone's thoughts on the forthcoming season?

Personally i think we will go 10-6 or 11-5 this year and make the playoffs, ive got a bolder one than that but i don't want to jinx us lol

Quite like the idea of RBBC takes the strain from Forsett and with Dixon and West performing so well i get the feeling that JF wont finish the year as #1 RB

Glad to see Pitta back, can only see good things for him, lets be honest if anyone in that team deserves a good run its him.

Anyway guys I hope we all have a great season and look forward to speaking to you all again during the season.
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Old 14.09.2016, 09:03 PM
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I think we'll be somewhere around 8-8 and will finish third in the division.

We're a well coached team, we have a franchise QB and we are pretty good in the trenches. These things will prevent us from being a bad team(barring a 2015 barrage of injuries) but we are also missing too many pieces to be an 11 win team in my opinion. We don't have a star WR, we don't have a stud RB, we don't have a dominant pass rusher and we're not great at cornerback. I struggle to see us being a contender with all of those holes.

I feel like this Ravens team is a team in limbo. We have a bunch of WRs but nobody stands out. We have a bunch of RBs but nobody stands out. We have a bunch of TEs but nobody stands out. We're a team searching for an identity I would say.

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