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Old 30.06.2008, 10:35 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

[quote author=Donny 5aints link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=15#msg913604 date=1214842701]
[quote author=Donny 5aints link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=15#msg911475 date=1214327206]
[quote author=bigdewgo link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=15#msg911449 date=1214322028]
[quote author=Donny 5aints link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=0#msg911444 date=1214321718]
Maybe we could start a NFL clan (NFLUK won't fit in) on COD4 on PSN and i repeat my earlier question

is Battlefield Bad Company worth buying ???

Download the demo on PSN Store and see what you think. i haven't got it yet but will be soon. The nfluk clan sounds good if we can gt the numbers need atleast 6.


yeah i'll download the demo and see and about the clan it depends on prefered game mode cos i'll play anything but atm im hooked on team tactical but will probs change soon again

thanks for add big lol you're right BF was proper laggy this afternoon

Yea its a shame , i played with a pal from USA. LAST NIGHT AND WAS FINE. but before i joined him it was laggy as it was today. Just bear with it for the minue and wait for EA to patch the game. They arent as hot with it as IW were with COD4. Its to big a company to care really. Whereas COD4 is IW only real seller.

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Old 01.07.2008, 08:23 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

Xbox Live
K7 Plant K7

I usually play Madden 08, Test Drive Unlimited, Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3 or Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
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Old 03.07.2008, 11:42 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

[quote author=bigdewgo link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=30#msg913709 date=1214865207]
[quote author=PheonixCharlie link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=15#msg913096 date=1214711884]

Civ Revs

360 OR PS3 mate ????


Sorry Pal Xbox , add halo and gears of war to that list too!
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Old 06.07.2008, 08:34 AM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

XBox Live

Gamertag - BoyBri

Online - Madden 08 all the way. And I play fair and never quit!
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Old 07.07.2008, 08:12 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts



I only have NCAA '08 and GTA4 so far! ...I will be getting Madden '09 as soon as it's out though.
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Old 09.07.2008, 06:30 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

My 360 gamertag is N1ALL 360 - GTA, COD4, FIFA 08
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Old 12.07.2008, 01:10 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

Xbox Live

eckySH21 - COD4, Madden 08, Guitar Hero 3, Top Spin 3, PES2008
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Old 13.07.2008, 08:53 AM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

I'll be getting a PS3 sometime in the next week hopefully, I have created a PSN ID in JamminJag but have yet to use it so I do not know if it works properly and such.

I have pre-ordered NCAA 09 and will be getting Euro 2008 with the console. If I have any money left over I'll look at purchasing Battlefield: Bad Company as I've yet to play on that game.
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Old 14.07.2008, 07:45 AM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

I'm on X-box live and the PSNetwork . My name is: fieldgeneraluk for both. Feel free to send me a friend request! If you do however let me know that you've seen my details off here so I've some idea who you are.

Games - X-Box 360. Madden 09 , FIFA 09 , NBA 2K9 ,NHL 2K9 ,
Playstation 3 - Madden 09 , NCAA 09 , NBA 09 , Blitz the league 2, Wipeout HD and a good few others.

I'm also on the PSP too. I play games like everybody's golf 2, wipeout pure and soon I'll be playing ncaa 09 on wi fi mode so anyone would like a game on any of the formats then give me a shout.


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Old 20.07.2008, 08:10 PM
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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

Andy82 Gamertag -> Sewerin
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