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Old 29.04.2010, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by DeanMoriarty View Post
Lance Moore had a really good season in 2008/09 when Colston was out injured. Henderson is a deep threat, Meachem yes! But Lance Moore is one of the best slot receivers out there to let him go would be a mistake.

Having said that, Bree's precision makes any wideout look good.
Don't agree on Moore at all tbh, he's very expendable in our offense. He barely played at all last year and we managed to get trough fine without him. One of the best slot receivers out there is a bit of a outlandish statement also, like you said, there are lots of receivers that could put up his 08/09 numbers with Brees throwing it to them.

Don't get me wrong I like him and I think he's a good wide-out but I wouldn't be too upset if we let him go because he would be easy enough to replace in our offense.
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Old 30.04.2010, 01:28 PM
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After chewing it over i feel Moore too, i would hold onto Colston & Meachem's legs like a small child if i though they were going. Getting to like Henderson. Moore is definitely good enough for another team to snap up where as Arrington has hardly been in the shop window.
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Old 01.05.2010, 01:08 AM
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Colston is Brees' favourite reciever. Enough siad about him.

But the others are all, in their own way, somewhat expendable. Meachem and Henderson are two of the best deep-threat receivers in the league, but neither are amazing on the short routes. Moore and the TE's are very strong on the short routes.

But the thing is, if Henderson or Meachem or Moore and the TE's drop out that offence keeps rolling because we have depth on offence. Where you have depth you can afford to lose players but then you're leaving it to chance.

There is no reciever (bar perhps Colston) who is not expendable on the Saints roster but it is also important to bear in mind that other teams are not high on the Saints WR. They consider them 'system' products, as Henderson found out last year. We could lose one of these receivers 'easily' but I'm not sure we'd get great value for them.
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Old 08.06.2010, 01:57 AM
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Whilst Colston is the go to guy and number 1, i remember 2-3 seasons ago watching a clip where Brees himself said that he liked Moore more than anyone. I believe Moore is the one guy that is on the edge of being let go wether it be by trade or release, he is in Brees's books so i think that gives him a chance.

Meachem this has to be his year of making a run to push Colston for the number 1 spot or at least make his spot as number 2.

Henderson will be used to keep defence's thinking pass and worried about the deep threat, opening the field for Thomas and Bush.

Bush you could say is above or below Henderson which to me is kind of pushing out Arrington.
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Old 18.07.2010, 07:35 PM
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I would rather have moore over arrington but colston/meachem/henderson are all definite stays
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