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Old 20.02.2007, 10:34 PM
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Default Re:Norv Turner New Chargers Head Coach

Cottrell is a nice guy but I can't say he is a good coach.He's too passive and his defenses seem to have problems with the basics like tackling.He'll probably do a better job with a 3-4 defense though than our cover 2.
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Old 20.02.2007, 11:46 PM
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Default Re:Norv Turner New Chargers Head Coach

[quote author=Woolley_Man link=board=1;threadid=24583;start=15#msg613273 date=1172010866]
Cottrell is a nice guy but I can't say he is a good coach.He's too passive and his defenses seem to have problems with the basics like tackling.He'll probably do a better job with a 3-4 defense though than our cover 2.
I'm hopeful it will be because when he's coached 3-4 defenses in the past they've all been good (he had the #1 ranked D in Buffalo one year)
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Old 21.02.2007, 01:08 AM
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Default Re:Norv Turner New Chargers Head Coach

I can't see the regular season posing many problems for this team. They are simply too good and Norv simply isn't a bad coach....the problem is I can't see him providing the "icing and candles" for this cake come January.

He might have been an upgrade at co-ordinator (although that's debatable), but he's no way an upgrade at HC.

Like I say, maybe this team is good enough that it only needs a curator now...mature enough to have learned from all of last years mistakes - but I doubt it.
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Old 21.02.2007, 08:38 AM
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Default Re:Norv Turner New Chargers Head Coach

Fairly Amusing Rant. I guess there is a reason the Chargers havent won a superbowl. Personell decisions like the ones in the least few weeks go some way to explaining why.

I would be first in line to read a business book:

How to Interview and Get that Job!

By Norv Turner.

You already know that Turner was hired to be coach of the San Diego Chargers. Norv Turner. How does something like this happen? This guy must interview better than Charlie Rose. He must campaign better than Earl Long. Seriously, if you have a good job, a job you love, a family to raise, keep an eye out — and if you see Norv Turner walk into your office you might want to start updating your resume.

Let’s look at this logically: Less than two weeks ago the Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer after he led the team to a 14-2 record. This was pretty inexplicable, but it does reiterate something that we already knew: Marty’s a great coach. But after a while, he has a tendency to get on people’s nerves.

OK, so he was gone, and the Chargers now had to find the one coach who could take this team — the most talented team in the NFL — over that final speed bump and into the Super Bowl. So, they scoured the nation, interviewed the best of the best, and handed the keys to … Norv Turner.

•Norv Turner has a 58-82-1 career record.

•Norv Turner has coached almost nine full seasons and has coached a team to the playoffs … once.

•Norv Turner’s last head coaching job was with the Oakland Raiders. In two years, his teams went 1-11 in the AFC West (the one win was at Denver, however).

•He’s Norv Turner.

OK, see, this is one of the sports decisions that gives credence to sports fans who believe, deep in their hearts, that they could do a better job than the general manager. Can’t argue here. Single-cell organisms would know not to hire Norv Turner. And yet, there it is, Chargers GM A.J. Smith, who has been in football most of his life, who has developed a reputation as one of the brightest men in the game, who actually built this great Chargers team in the first place — hired Norv Turner.

How do you explain it? I say it comes back to interviewing. There are certain men in sports who keep getting jobs though nobody seems quite sure why.

The guy did a nice job as offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys during 1991-93, no doubt about it. That’s a long time ago. He then went to Washington, where he got six-plus years though he never really got anything going. When they finally canned him (and replaced him the next year with, oh irony, Marty Schottenheimer), there was a Norv Turner mad dash. Everybody had to have Norv Turner. He went to San Diego as offensive coordinator, where he immediately led the Chargers to the 15th best offense in the NFL. He was let go (by — irony repeats — Marty Schottenheimer) and then went to Miami for two years, when he spurred the Dolphins offense to rank 12th and 17th in the NFL.

This, of course, inspired Al Davis to hire him in Oakland, and Turner was a disaster. You can’t sugarcoat a 9-23 record (including an 0-4 record to — play that irony music — Marty Schottenheimer). He then went to San Francisco, where as offensive coordinator he improved the 49ers offense from 32nd in the NFL all the way up to 26th.

For this he was strongly considered to be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys — it was actually rumored that he had the job. A few weeks later, he was introduced as the big enchilada in San Diego.

By all accounts, Turner is a very nice man. Heck, he has to be to keep getting jobs. I would say the Chiefs’ chances for winning the division the next couple of years improved dramatically this week, but, hey, you never know. Joe Torre was widely viewed as a loser manager until he went to New York. Bill Belichick was a dud in Cleveland and is now considered smarter than the collected brainpower gathered for the Manhattan Project. It’s possible, I suppose, that San Diego is the perfect place for Norv Turner to unveil a previously undiscovered genius.

I doubt it. But it would make one heck of a book.
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Old 21.02.2007, 05:58 PM
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Default Re:Norv Turner New Chargers Head Coach

After what he did with Smith this year, Rivers could be become really effective and make that O almost unstoppable.
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