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Old 08.10.2015, 07:57 PM
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Awareness of American Football and a general liking of the sport has been something that has been present through my entire life. My Dad pretty much enjoys watching any sport and used to watch the Channel 4 coverage in the early 1990's. Not that I remember it, but I used to sit and watch it with him when I was just a young toddler. In fact, I'm told that it was fairly normal for me to sit in my high chair next to my dad and throw both hands in the air and shout "Touchdown!!!"

As the coverage ended I don't really remember seeing or watching much American Football until Super Bowl XXXIX in February 2005. My dad has always been a little bit of an Eagles fan, so the 14 year old me decided that I would obviously want to support the other team. That team was the Patriots and as we know, they won! From that point onwards I maintained a loose interest in the Patriots. I remember checking their scores on the computer at school and having a few discussions about it with a few other friends who were interested in American Football.

I'd become quite aware of the hype around Tom Brady and also became a bit of a personal fan of his. I loved the draft story and his underdog status as a sixth round pick who grabbed his chance. I found him inspirational.

My uncle is a fairly big Bengals fan and had been to the 2007 inaugural International Series game. In 2008 for my birthday, my Auntie and Uncle bought me a ticket for the game, the Chargers@Saints game. I'm sure we all know, it was a ridiculously exciting game and I absolutely loved it. I also took the opportunity to buy my first Patriots jersey. Naturally, a TB12

Following that, I've literally been hooked on the NFL and absolutely wild about the Patriots. I've been to every IS game since and am planning a trip to New York and Boston next year and will look to take in a game at Foxboro.
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Old 12.10.2015, 01:07 AM
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Being 35 years old now i can remember 'liking' American football/NFL from an early age, probably about 7 years old. The street/streets around where I lived, we had a good large group of friends. I always remember two of the older boys favourite teams were NY Giants and Chicago Bears. I always thought I should like one of those teams, I think purely because of the older influence, but I never took to them!
A few years later I stopped 'Liking' and started really getting into my NFL. I LOVED watching games on channel 4, Especially when i should have been sleeping on a Sunday night for school the next morning, but i'd watch games with the sound at a minimum and stay up as late as possible. The team that really sticks in my mind during that period, were the Dallas Cowboys. I really enjoyed watching their team with Troy Aikman and Emmit Smith etc. But still I never found the team that I supported.
I lost touch with NFL for a few years, due to leaving school/starting work/general life changes etc.
Got back into it around 98/99. Started watching a lot more games, yet most of my friends who maybe watched it early years never got back into it. At that point I started watching the Patriots. A few things stuck in my head with them. The Blue/Red/White uniform, I liked a few players, ie Drew Bledsoe and I think also they had England in the name. (Now I'm from Scotland, but I was born in England and have English links. So i've always favoured England over Scotland, and its not always easy living here lol)

At this point, The Patriots felt right! It felt like 'This was the team I really like'. When i watched a lot of NFL in my younger years, the Pats had never really been a team I took much notice of to be honest. But now I started watching again, and started seeing The Pats, something stuck!
Funny thing is, they were pretty awful at this point. I'd watched an amazing team in the Cowboys. And friends supported, back in the day, good teams in Bears and Giants, so I should have supported one of them, but just never did. I took to The Patriots and that was my team!
Since then i've never looked back. watched as much NFL and Patriots as I could in the last 16/17 years. I was very lucky that I Didn't have to wait long before the 'Awful' Pats I started supporting , became good. We've had ups and downs since. But would not change my team for anyone.

Looking good for us again this year, unfortunately the time is going to come when we lose Belichick, Brady, Gronk etc and for a number of years we might struggle, whilst hopefully rebuilding. But This is my team and i'll support them whoever plays! Whilst we have it good though, I'll enjoy it!
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Old 19.04.2016, 09:46 AM
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Because of the 2007 Boston Red Sox.

When I was 14 I went on a family holiday to Boston, just as the Red Sox about to win the world series (October half term). We went on a stadium tour of Fenway and I decided that after that point I would follow US sports teams out of Boston.

I always have this argument with my friend who got into different American sports at different times. A holiday to New York made him a Yankees fan and holiday to Miami made him a Dolphins fan.

For me - consistency is key. Boston through and through.

#Celtics #Bruins #RedSox #Patriots
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Old 24.10.2016, 07:09 PM
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Started watching NFL properly in 82 when it started on c4.

I had seen SB highlights on World of Sport and it fascinated my brothers and I. The whole c4 sign turning into a football player and Holding Out For A Hero theme tune was amazing. Listening to games on AFN, catching 2mins commentary every 20 mins was new age.

My 2nd eldest brother chose the Packerscos of the history and mine was a straight choice between Pats and Bucs. And then my eldest brother went to Boston with work and the rest of history thankfully.

85 was the best feeling in the world with the Squish the Fish, following on c4, First Down, Touchdown and checking on teletext on Mondays for all the scores. I got a Super Bowl t-shirt from my brother and have a picture in it. I was 14!

Been to both stadia and it is my number 1 sport. Wife and kids think I'm nuts.

Loved seeing Pats at Wembley and in 5 years will be undertaking a trip to Foxboro, Lambeau and Canton in between for my 50th.

Love the game and Pats more now than ever, after 34 years and been blessed to have memories some fantastic and others less so like the 1-15 season and dread the day either BB or TB12 retire
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