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Old 24.01.2019, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by godsy1985 View Post
Well you actually need to score points to win games and you do realise you can score on defence?! The pats shut out the chiefs in the first half and whilst there is an advantage to having the ball, it doesn't mean the first team to possess will always win. Both championship games went to OT. One team scored a TD on their first possession and the other threw a pick. I don't see anyone moaning about the rams winning by kicking a field goal. Shouldn't they have to score a TD as well or should the saints have a chance to respond? If you can't play defence then you won't win a game. The only way to get away from this scenario would be to play another 10 or 15 minute period to its conclusion but then people would still find reasons to moan! The pats controlled the time of possession and I ultimately think that is what killed the chiefs (along with staying in cover 2) as their D was gassed on the OT drive but this is the disadvantage to having a quick scoring offence. Chiefs will come again and if they can keep this group together, they will make it to the superbowl very soon.

thats beyond nonsense, the Saints won the toss and got the ball, they got there chance, then the Rams theres.

in this the Pats got there chance and the Chiefs didnt.

if the Saints have driven into FG range and got to 4th down, they would of also kicked a FG.

in the playoffs playing another full period would again make more sense.
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