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Old 08.02.2015, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by foxonrox View Post
-even the 1-15 1990 team!
That was a LONG season.

Tony Eason was a GREAT QB and he/they became the first team in NFL history to win three games on the road to reach the SB. He bounced back in the 1986 season but was never the same after facing that 46 D of the Bears.
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Old 09.02.2015, 03:07 PM
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My love affair with the Patriots began thanks to a bike ride in the late 80's when I was about 11 or 12.

My mate and I used to go out on our bikes of a weekend and just cycle around aimlessly.
This weekend we went on a route we'd never done before and found a corner shop that was named after the surname of a lad in our class at school.
We went in to see if it was his families shop and sure enough it was.
His mum was very pleased to have some school friends come to visit her son and gave us free drinks and food from the shop.
She also gave me an NFL sticker album and some stickers (I assume this was something she was struggling to sell).

I never ever collected any more stickers than the 4 or 5 packets she gave me that day, but I remember being intrigued by the stickers I did have and the pictures on the pages of the album.
My favourite page was the Patriots one and it was purely because it was my favourite uniform and in particular the minuteman helmet.

As there was no internet back in them days and being so young, nothing else really came of it other than watching the occasional NFL show on C4, but the Patriots very rarely featured on that.

When my uncle found out I had an interest in the NFL he told me that he had been following it for several years, and suddenly I had an adult ally who loved the NFL and did things like collected the budweiser tokens to get a leather American Football which he gave to me. And on Super Bowl Sunday every year I was allowed to go to my uncles for the first half which was amazing as my auntie used to stay up and make hot dogs and burgers and milkshakes for us whilst we watched it.
My birthday is the end of Jan so until the game was moved back a week, it always fell on my birthday weekend, so it became like a birthday tradition to watch the Super Bowl.

As the years went on though and the weekly NFL shows disappeared from TV, my interest was strictly around the Super Bowl every year.
As an adult though with my own place, I had Sky Sports and started to get far more into it.
I found some mates who also loved the NFL and we used to make a big thing of the Super Bowl weekend as it was my birthday. In 2007 for my 30th we all went to Amsterdam were they had loads of sports bars set up for the game. It was an amazing weekend except for the result :-(

The whole time though, my main sport was football as I never missed a Tranmere Rovers game and I played several times a week and even went on to manage a team. In the last 4 years or so my love of football as dropped slightly and my love of American football has risen significantly.
I no longer subscribe to Sky as I hardly ever watch football anymore (other than Tranmere and Liverpool) and I have replaced it with Game Pass.

I think it fits my lifestyle quite well as since becoming a dad I don't have time to sit around watching footy during the day, but of a night, my daughter is in bed early so I can watch the games to my hearts content.

The Patriots have remained my team and whenever I am accused of being a glory hunter I just point to the fact that no glory hunter would have swapped Liverpool (who my dad is a fan off and therefore I was by default) for Tranmere Rovers :-)
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Old 10.02.2015, 06:30 PM
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First NFL game I watched was Super Bowl 46, didn't know the rules it was purely for the crack and to see what the fuss was about. Didn't know anything about either team, but as the game went on felt myself wanting New England to win.

Didn't give it another thought until the next year when I got a new job, my boss is a huge Packers fan and kept trying to get me to give it a go but I was adamant that I was just going to be a SB watcher. He eventually talked me round and having already told him that I did like New England he told me when they were next on, it happened to be the AFC Championship game with Baltimore. Watched it, again disappointed that they lost, but after spending many office hours previously learning the rules I appreciated the game so much more. Watched that SB then from the next season onwards I've watched every New England game and 90% of the sky games.

Been called a glory hunter a few times, which as a Newcastle United fan really gets at me - does it count when the first two times I seen them play they got beat? It wasn't until after I decided to properly get into it that I read about the 3 SB's in 4 years and the undefeated regular seasons etc, so as far as i'm concerned they can all do one!
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Old 11.02.2015, 07:45 PM
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Like a few others on here mine was SBXX , My best mate at the time was a chicago bears fan he moved to the UK from the US .
So there i was 15 yrs old watching a game i knew fook all about and i just thought id go with the other team , absolutely loved the game (not the score) and from that night on its been Pats all the way.
Few good seasons (still remember the game v denver afc divisional 86 ?as if were yesterday) followed by the terrible early 90's years Marc Wilson/Hugh Millen/Scott Zolak starting QB's likw wtf >.< lol.
We didnt suck for Luck but we did ok
No1 Pick in the draft Bledsoe my all time fav Pat player loved watching that arm lob balls 60 odd yards ok few to many INT's but we had credibility and the guy took a hammering but just carried on throwing happy days.
To where we are now , who would believe 15 years of TB and a team continually knocking on the door of the SB.
We really are a spoilt bunch lol
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Old 12.02.2015, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by SlapEd View Post
We really are a spoilt bunch lol
I think we deserve it after the pain of the 90s . And let's not forget that droughts come around again oh so quickly - so enjoy it while we can
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Old 24.07.2015, 03:14 AM
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When I started highschool (1998) Channel 4 were reshowing Cheers and it became one of my favourite TV shows. Obviously it is set in Boston, and in the very first episode the Coach and Sam talk about The Patriots draft selection. When I started to follow the NFL around that time I just picked the team I knew from Cheers.

Silly reason, but now I couldn't imagine not being a Pats fan. This year I'm going to Boston for the first time to see the Bills @ Patriots game, and I'll be supporting The Patriots as fervently (in fact probably more so) as I support Scotland's national rugby team and Edinburgh rugby.

Had they been showing the Frasier spin off during my school lunch break instead I guess I might have been a Seahawks fan...
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Old 20.08.2015, 01:43 PM
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I used to go to my Aunts house in the school summer holidays, I was 10 in 1999 and my cousin (who was older) used to play Madden all the time on the playstation. He supports the Pats so i followed his lead, wouldnt play as anybody else on that game I used to just control Brushci and try to hit people as hard as i could.I knew no different. Learnt almost all the rules from sitting on Madden for hours on end.

Ive been pretty spoiled growing up watching the Pats, Bellichek, Bledsoe, Brady, Kraft. Im just hoping we can have a few more years on top before the transition of QB and head coach eventually happens.
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Old 26.09.2015, 10:12 AM
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As a kid I liked the fact that the Pats had 'England' in the name and I guess they are my local team but I didn't really start following the sport until later.

The first NFL game I properly watched was the Superbowl when we lost to the giants in the unbeaten season. In that defeat I knew I was hooked. The missus went to Boston a few weeks later and brought back a Moss shirt for me.
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Old 28.09.2015, 01:00 PM
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I started watching Super Bowls while I was at uni between 2006-2009, as that was the only coverage I ever saw on terrestrial television.

I then started watching it more when I moved home again & the parents had sky, and I got into it more and more but didn't really have a favourite team.
In 2012 I met my partner and we had a holiday booked in Florida for the Super Bowl in 2013, so she said she'd get me a jersey for Christmas but asked which team I'd like.

As I still hadn't settled on a team I said whichever jersey she got me, that's the team I'd support! Lo & behold she picked me up a Brady jersey & i've never looked back since!! I now make sure I catch every game!!
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Old 01.10.2015, 10:20 AM
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1985, SBXX.
Out of curiosity I started watching Channel 4's NFL highlight programs after a guy at work kept raving about American Football. It was it appeared "Play Off" time, and the underdog Pat's had got on a roll and found themselves facing the much hyped Chicago Bears and William "The Fridge Perry" in Superbowl XX.

By now I really wanted the underdogs to beat the Bears, I'd even been to the bookies for what I now know was an ill advised wager. I sat up and watched the Superbowl live, and although the game got ugly quick for the Patriots, that was the night I became a true follower of the NFL and a Pat's fan.
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