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Old 31.08.2009, 11:03 AM
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Lightbulb Cowboys fans...introduce yourself

Since the logic behind the 32 team sub-sections is to entice new fans and give them an environment to talk to fans of their team, it might be good to have a thread where we can tell each other about ourselves.

So, as I started this and I'm a mod I'll go first. Write whatever you want, it doesnt have to be a template to follow:

Name - Paul
Age - 28
Lives - Newcastle
Followed Cowboys since - 1989
Why Dallas? - Liked the uniforms and the helmets and there is something pitiful about a team that wins one game that made me like them.
Favourite current player - Jason Witten
Favourite all-time player - Michael Irvin
First memory - 1-15
Best memory - Superbowl wins, Emmitt running over the Giants with a separated shoulder, Deion's two returns for TDs against the Giants, Grammatica's winning kick in the Meadowlands 2 years ago, coming back to beat Buffalo on MNF, coming back in the last 4 mins to win in Philly in 2007 when Roy Williams picked off McNabb and ran it back and JWitt's catch in Philly where his helmet came off and he kept going!
Worst memory - losing to the Giants in 2008 playoffs.

Pet peevs/views
Jason Garrett - clown
Martellus Bennett - phenom
Orlando Scandrick - might end up the best player in the 2008 draft class
Should never have cut T.O.
Romo is more of the answer than the problem but must concentrate more.

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Old 31.08.2009, 11:43 AM
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Name - Chris
Age - 18
Lives - Worcester (bristol in 19 days)
Followed Cowboys since - 1996
Why Dallas? - First game I watched was Cowboys vs 'skins and I decided I would support the winner
Favourite current player - Jason Witten
Favourite all-time player - Troy Aikman
First memory - Aikman to Irvin
Best memory - Any time we beat the skins/giants/eagles
Worst memory - Romo's botched snap

Pet peevs/views
Romo - Isn't a choker, anyone who doesn't win a superbowl is a choker for life apparently
T.O - Great player but Romo will improve without him, Tony isn't a deep ball thrower but Owens demanded it of him
Orlando Scandrick - Agree with Darlo on this, the guy is fantastic
Roy E. Williams - The guy is so talented and I think he will have a monster year
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Old 31.08.2009, 12:00 PM
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Name - Gavin
Age - 30
Lives - Home Place - Redcastle, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Work Week, Belfast
Followed Cowboys since - 1995
Why Dallas? - Guy who got me into game was a Packers fan. He hated the Vikes and Cowboys the most. I chose the Cowboys as i heard of them before not even knowing there success at the time.
Favourite current player - Marion Barber
Favourite all-time player - Deion "Primetime" Sanders
First memory - Aikman, E. Smith, M. Irvin & Sanders football show
Best memory - Any time we beat the Packers
Worst memory - The season we went through with 3 shutouts against us (2000 i think)

Pet peevs/views
Romo needs a solid year to make me happy, unlikely but have a damn go.
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Old 31.08.2009, 12:28 PM
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Name. Ian

Age 34

Home town Pontefract, West Yorkshire

Followed Cowboys. 1987 (NFL since 86)

Why Cowboys It was a choice between Raiders and Cowboys, went with the Cowboys because I liked the general look of the simple star as a logo plus the stadium looked great too.

Fav current player. Jason Witten although Marion Barber runs him close (and not just because my Dads aunt was called Marion Barber

All time fav player. If I had to pick just one then it would be Emmitt Smith

Best memory. October 1992 Cowboys 20 Eagles 10 my first visit to Texas Stadium.
Winning 3 Super Bowls
Emmitts game against the Giants in 1993
2006 beating the unbeaten Colts in Tony Romo's first home start, I was there and it is the only game I have been to in which nobody sat down during the whole game and it was the loudest I have heard the stadium.
Listening to the Cowboys-Packers Thanksgiving game on AFN radio in 1994.

Worse memory's. 44-6 against the Eagles last year (one of only 2 Cowboys game that I have turned off before the end.
Losing to the expansion Texans in there first game (the other game I turned off.
The last game at Texas Stadium especially the two long runs at the end.
Losing the 94 NFC championship
2008 play-off game verses the Giants

Pet peeves / views

ESPN although I could use media in general, just the way they hype every little thing into been a bigger story than JFK. E.G Tony Romo's trip to Mexico.
Jerry Jones. I love him as an owner and that he does what ever to win but I wish he would step back a bit and bring in real GM. I suppose that the good thing about TO's release in that it appears Stephen Jones it taking a more active role in running the team.
Kevin Ogletree. From what I have seen I think for an undrafted rookie he could have a big season,
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Old 31.08.2009, 04:22 PM
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Name : Jeff
Age : Too old to care but young enough to not give a $*&%
Lives : The home of fish, Brixham
Followed since : 1985
Why : Loved the colours and the Star
Current player : MB3....reminds me of Dallagio and Johnson running through people
All time : possibly a slightly odd choice - Dat Nguyen. I love seeing smaller guys punch above their weight also
Good times : Jason " don`t need a helmet " Witten, MB3s 1 yd run evading about 7/8 Pats defenders, Romo`s run after the comedy snap against the Rams
Bad times : losing, I`m in a foul mood all day the next day

Abandoning the run too early
Martellus Bennet - excited about this kid

I`m also the drummer for the up and coming In The Flesh, PF tribute. Assuming it`s OK by Darlo i can post a link to our website if anyone is interested in looking
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Old 31.08.2009, 04:28 PM
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Course... the only links not allowed are streaming links, p o r n and probably something else but music links are fine.
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Old 31.08.2009, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by DarloPaul View Post
Course... the only links not allowed are streaming links, p o r n and probably something else but music links are fine.
Sweet, here it is
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Old 31.08.2009, 04:52 PM
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Name: Andrew
Lives: South Wales
Followed Cowboys since: 1982
Why Dallas: Watched "Max Boyce Meets the Dallas Cowboys" when Ch4 first aired and they've been my team ever since.
Favourite current player: Jason Witten
Favourite all time: Tony Dorsett
First memories: the above mentioned programme, losing to the 'skins in the NFC championship game, watching the Landry era of success slowly come to an end.
Best memories: The Jimmy Johnson era of Superbowls, the triplets etc. Hopefully many more to come.
Worst memories: that NFC championship game loss to the 'skins, a 44-0 drubbing from the '85 Bears, Landry's sacking and last years shocking performance against the Eagles.

Romo - get off his back, he can play you know.
Phillips - looks out of his depth as a head coach, though would love him to prove me wrong.
New stadium - looks great, but would look even better with a winning team playing in it. Fingers crossed for a good year and a play off run ahead.
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Old 31.08.2009, 10:24 PM
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Name - Jason
Age - 20
Lives - Plymouth
Followed Cowboys since - 2006
Why Dallas? - A mate of mine from California is a fan and was chatting to him about the sport as i had watched a game the week before, he mentioned the Cowboys and they were luckily on Sky. Watched the game and just seemed to be a good team to follow. Not looked back, Wasn't even sure if they were a good team just something about the way Romo came in and played.
Favourite current player - Demarcus Ware
Favourite all-time player - Hard to say for me, but from videos and the history #22 Emmitt Smith
First memory - Bledsoe sack fest, and in stepping Tony Romo.
Best memory - Pretty much the whole 2007 season, my first full season following the Cowboys and what a great season it was lots of Highs and a bad Low. But soo many highlights.
Worst memory - Romo Slipped FG against the Seahawks.

Pet peevs/views
MartyB will be a beast, maybe not so much this year but fairly soon.
Felix will a great player, playing with Defeses with the change of pace.
Crayton will have a big year, maybe not with yards but with REC and plenty of important catches.
Linebacker Depth seems to be a problem with BW out.
Young CB's are looking good Scandrick looking to be a real draft steal.
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Old 31.08.2009, 10:49 PM
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Name - Jamie.

Age - 26.

Lives - Leeds.

Followed Cowboys since - 2006 (NFL fan since early 1990's)

Why Dallas? - After watching the NFL after good few years without a team i found myself looking for the Cowboys results 1st (Liked Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith)and always chose them on Madden games so knew they were the team for me.

Favourite current player - Jason Witten and Tony Romo.

Favourite all-time player - Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith (Loved watching these 3 when first getting into the NFL).

First memory - The Triplets.

Best memory - Since following the Cowboys..... Any win over the Eagles.

Worst memory - Since following the Cowboys......Last years defeat (should I say hammering) to Eagles.

Pet peevs/views
Tony Romo - Get off his back.. He's our QB and should be supporting him and not moaning about him.

1st round Picks - Stop throwing them to other teams and use them for ourselves.

If going to let good players leave as a free agent (Canty springs to mind), replace them with good players and don't have the team taking step back instead of building to get better.

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