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Old 13.09.2009, 04:26 PM
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Name - Paul
Age - 45
Lives - Peterborough (originally from Wiltshire)
Followed Cowboys since - C4 started showing football
Why Dallas? - Max Boyce for me too (I still have the show on Video somewhere )
Favourite current player - DeMarcus Ware
Favourite all-time player - Bill Bates (what sport is all about for me, using every bit of talent you have)
First memory - Other than Max Boyce, Losing to the Deadskins
Best memory - Ultimately it has to be the SB wins, especially the Steelers. And our two trips to Texas Stadium (we're 1-1 at the moment)
Worst memory - Getting blown out by the LA Rams in the play-offs. Last Seasons debacle against Philly.

Pet peevs/views
TO - Never wanted him to be a Cowboy, and ultimately not sad to see him go (unlike my son). Hoping that now the team will unite behind Romo & play as a team.
Romo - Just needs to learn to look after the ball. Don't buy this stuff about not being able to win in Dec/Jan. One thing that strikes me about last year is the 'Boys schedule in that period. We seemed to have most of our more difficult opponents in those games, I guess it's what the TV stations want.
Ware - Get him signed asap.
New Stadium - Saving up for the opportunity to get there.
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Old 13.09.2009, 10:14 PM
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Name - Paul
Age - 35
From - Portsmouth
Cowboys Fan since - mid 80's thanks to the opening credits on the tv soap Dallas when the camera panned over texas stadium,i liked the name cowboys, liked the star & then when I saw the channel 4 coverage they were my team.
Favourite Player - Tony Romo/Marion Barber
Favourite all time Player - Troy Aikman
Best memory - 52 -17 Superbowl win over the Bills/my first game at texas stadium v the packers 2007 on a thursday night 37 - 27 win to go 11-1
Worst Memory - has to be the romo bodged snap at the field goal attempt in the ill fated play off game
Games I have been too - Cowboys v Packers 2007, Cowboys v Redskins & Packers v Cowboys 2008,
Games I will be going too this season - Cowboys v Redskins, Cowboys v Raiders Thanksgiving.
Pet peevs/views
Owens had to go.
Need to improve on defense in the secondary against the deep ball.
New stadium needs to be a wall of noise & at the right times, (when the opposition offence has the ball) Texas stadium was often too quiet & strangely noisy when the cowboys were on offence.

My Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers (been lucky enough to see all of them play)
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Old 14.09.2009, 03:39 PM
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Name : Bill McGill
Age : 25
Followed the Cowboys since :2007

hey guys im just a newbee to the nfl i chose dallas as my team because they have several exciting players and a great team spirit although there was arguments within the team last season i feel if romo can get his head in the game this season we cowboys can go all the way to the superbowl Roy Williams has made an excellent start at tampa and hopefully they take encouragement into the game against the giants next week where i can see a cowboys win if wee perform as i know the cowboys can

Fav player : demarcus ware

Worst memory : romo fumble

Craziest moment : romo freezing his ass off in pittsburgh with that short sleeve top on when the weather was minus 10

Hates : eagles giants jets

Views : Williams to step up to the plate and hopefully T O wont be a loss
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Old 17.09.2009, 09:05 AM
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Name - Paul
Age - 37
From - Manchester
Cowboys Fan since - 1985 (One reason was the beginning to Dallas which my mum watched!)
Favourite Player - Emmitt Smith/Troy Aikman/Herschel Walker/Bill Bates
Favourite all time Player - Troy Aikman
Best memory - 52 -17 Superbowl win
Worst Memory - Going for a threepeat, the team just blew apart in the 1Q against the 49ers and trailed 24-7.
Games I have been too - American Bowl 86
Games I will be going too this season - none

As you can tell from my logo ! I'm a Raiders fan but back in the 80's i chose to support Dallas in 1985 when my aunt came back from the US with a Cowboys dressing gown !

Was there when the great Dallas decline started, Steve Pelleur in '88 and then seeing the team re-build in 1989. Had an amazing team, great depth in 1992, free agency tore it apart. The worst game was the NFC Game against the Niners in 94, everything went wrong, fumbles/interceptions, trailed 24-7 in the 1Q. Came back but a Jerry Rice' hail mary' at the end of the first half put the game out of reach. Really thought Dallas would have been the first team to threepeat.

Sad to see Aikman retire, Quincy Carter at one stage showed potential, Emmitt did well despite the Cowboys offense getting worse every year with no passing attack. Tony Romo i think is a great QB and will get a playoff win this year
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Old 17.09.2009, 11:26 AM
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Name - Andrew
Age - 23
Lives - Aberdeen
Followed Cowboys since - 1994 - watched cowboys vs Redskins. Why Dallas? - Brother chose the Skins so i had to go for the oppposite!!
Favourite current player - Tony Romo/DeMarcus Ware
Favourite all-time player - Aikman
First memory - Cowboys 31-7 Redskins
Best memory - My first (and currently only) trip to Texas Stadium 2006Cowboys 34 - 6 Texans
Worst memory - "The Snap" and watching our defence go missing vs the Ravens Last year

Pet peevs/views
TO - No one is ever bigger than the team
Romo - Don't buy this stuff about not being able to win in Dec/Jan.
New Stadium - Saving up for the opportunity to get there.
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Old 20.09.2009, 03:57 PM
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Name - Andrew

Age - 38

Lives - Peterborough

Followed Cowboys since - first season of football on C4 , but properly since 1986

Why Dallas? - recoginsed the endzone of texas stadium having seen it before in the titles to "DALLAS" in the early 80s.

Favourite current player - Romo / Barber

Favourite all-time player - Troy Aikman / Novacek / Moose / Irwin / Witten / Smith

First memory - going fron 6-2 to 7-9 in '86
Best memory - First Superbowl win as a Cowboy fan
Worst memory - the 1-16 and 3-13 seasons of late 80s
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Old 22.09.2009, 01:56 PM
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Name - Gregor Milligan.
Age - Twenty.
Lives - Glasgow, Scotland.
Followed Cowboys since - Round about 2006.
Why Dallas? - First football team I heard of, thanks to King of the Hill!
Favourite current player - Tony Romo (cult hero) and Marion Barber III.
Favourite all-time player - Troy Aikman.
First memory - Losing to the Giants in the 2007 playoffs.
Best memory -Tony Romo's thirty-odd yard touchdown pass against the Giants in 2008.
Worst memory - Losing to Baltimore Ravens 44-6 last season.
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Old 23.09.2009, 03:29 PM
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Name: Chris
Age and Fan since: 20 - 1994
Why: My Dad was watching Cowboys vs Redskins when I was really small and told me it was Cowboys vs Redskins (meaning Indians) and I thought Cowboys were the goodies!

Favourite Current Player: DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten
Favourite Past Player: It's hard to say because they were from a different era but I love Bob Lilly - watching him on Americas Game and NFL films history of the Dallas Cowboys - he looked awesome

Pet Peevs
-On the Lunch Break and Talkin Cowboys - they always go on about losing Kevin Burnett was going to be a loss for the nickel defense - he wasn't that good as a nickel linebacker.
- People who want to run Romo out of town - he's erratic sometimes but he's also brilliant sometimes and what's the recourse - Quincy Carter!
- What's happened to T-New the last two seasons?
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Old 28.09.2009, 12:13 PM
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Name - Darrell
Age - 38
Lives - Leeds by way of Dallas by way of Oklahoma City
Followed Cowboys since - 1979
Why Dallas? - Growing up in OKC with no professional team, Dallas was the regional team shown on TV all the time.
Favourite current player - DeMarcus Ware
Favourite all-time player - Emmitt Smith
First memory - Losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1979 Super Bowl. It was me against my mother, father, and sister.
Best memory - When we won the 1st Super Bowl with the triplets (Aikman, Emmitt, & Irvin) in 1993 after many bleak and dark years returning the Cowboys to relevancy again.
Worst memory - My little league football team went to a Cowboys game in 1978 and I purchased a Blue & Silver rabbits foot (considered a good luck charm in the States) at the stadium. When we got back home early in the morning from the 3 hour coach ride, I noticed my good luck charm was missing. It was stolen. When Jerry Jones drove the best coach and evaluator of talent, Jimmie Johnson, out of Dallas.
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Old 01.10.2009, 09:15 PM
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Name -Davey
Age - 34
Lives - Belfast
Followed Cowboys since - 1988
Why Dallas? - Because of the Titles in Dallas
Favourite current player - Terrence Newman / DeMarcus Ware
Favourite all-time player - Darren Woodson / Bob Lilly
First memory - Watching Cowboys on Channel 4 and beating the Giants
Best memory - The Superbowl wins / Emmit Smith Playing in the Meadowlands with
a Seperated Shoulder / Tony Romo throwing for 5 touchdowns against the Bucs /
D Ware recording 20 sacks last season.
Worst memory - losing to the Eagles last year and getting beat 44-6

Pet peevs

Other NFC East opponents (especially the Eagles).
D McNabb - Hopefully he will never win Superbowl.
Keyshawn Johnston - The most overated player ever to pull on a Cowboys Jersey.
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