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Old 28.08.2009, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Steve_H View Post
Errr,......The 'Niners and the Cards are both in the NFC West are they not?,....,....

Sorry, my mistake.

I meant to say 'Raiders in the AFC West'. Oops
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Old 28.08.2009, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by D.J View Post
The problem with me is that I would much prefer to sit down on a sunday evening and watch all of the NFL games shown on sky, rather than subscribing to gamepass to follow just one team; therefore missing some of the sky coverage.

I enjoy seeing all of the teams play, so; maybe I should just forever stay as a neutral.

Stay as a neutral, and be happy and proud of that fact.

I can then like as many teams as I want, and wear whatever jersey I want. Without calling one specific team, the team I truly support.

I am going on holiday to america in december (12th-16th).
I booked a Sports Travel Tours holiday just the other day, the 'bay weekend' trip.

The holiday sees me going to two NFL games:

Redskins @ Raiders - 14th Dec
Cardinals @ 49ers - 15th Dec

Therefore I seriously thought about rooting for the Raiders and Niners (Teams that dislike eachother, I know), both an AFC and NFC team; perfect.

Then I was watching the pre-season game last night (Dolphins@Bucs) and heard Joe Buck say about the week one games.

He noted a 'mouth-watering' game between the Redskins and Giants, with the
49ers alternatively playing the Cardinals.

That really made me stop and think, and I do feel as though I am happy with the way I follow of the NFL; and there is no reason for change.

I know deep down which game I would rather see and what games I would rather see, week in and week out. With the Niners playing in the NFC West and the Cardinals in the AFC West, there will be lots of games that in all honestly; won't get me all that excited.

There is nothing wrong with liking a variety of teams, though being a neutral in honestly.

I think this is definitely the best option for me.
I totally understand alot of what you have said. It is cool to be a neutral and just enjoy the great game. You dont have to be a fan of one team its not for everyone. I was a Neutral for Years but then the Texans came along but if you do decide at some point to be a fan of one team it does not mean you have to stop watching other teams.

Some day a team may just choose you or you may change your mind until then enjoy. The Sports holiday you have got set for December sounds wicked.

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Old 29.08.2009, 11:24 AM
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Even if you pick just one team to support, it's easy to find reasons to want other teams to win or lose when watching random games.

First, you root against all the other teams in your division.

Then you root against every other team who looks like they might be challenging you for home-field advantage or a wild card spot.

Then you root against every other team who's beaten you in an important game, or who've made some kind of improbable comeback against you. In fact, any team who looked at you funny one time or you think spilt your pint.
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