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Old 28.04.2014, 03:18 PM
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Default Manchester, UK to New Orleans 19 sept - help/advice required.

My friend and I are coming to New Orleans this year all the way from the UK for the first time, we've been saints fans for well over a decade (not bad seeing as though were 24/25). We have plaza tickets for the Vikings game

We need info from you guys though, where do we go after the game, where do we eat, what's it like game day, what time does everything start outside the stadium, what happens after, we want to party all weekend!

We're there for 7 days and so far we're looking at swamp tours and possibly a trip to the beach, we don't know what to look for though that's why we need your help!

What do you people recommend?

Game day is important for us though, we want to experience the day the best way possible, we want to be highly fuelled by alcohol by the end of the night too! We went to Wembley when the saints came here, we met cheerleaders, ate hotdogs and drank a lot of larger, it was awesome, the atmosphere was.. Okay. The day was epic.

Our jerseys are outdated though but we're getting painted up so won't be wearing one this time haha but we want a new one each

We will want to shop, take photos, adventure, water sport, saints, saints, saints etc..

Anything you can help us with would be hugely appreciated, were extremely excited about this!

Who dat!
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Old 22.05.2014, 03:37 PM
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Hey James07, did you see my other post?
Also, there really aren't any decent beaches in Louisiana. The best are round the Biloxi area of MS which you can easily drive to. The Alabama Gulf Shores is great, i love it there its a bit further drive though.

Are you going to get a car - lots of adventure by driving round NOLA to be had? But if this is your first time you will have plenty to do in New Orleans itself.

I too went to the Saints game in London and also the Louisiana festival at the O2 they had the two days before. It was a fantastic weekend and you will have just as much if not more fun there. The crowd is brilliant, the Vikings game is a big one (a big grudge match now re Favre / Greg Williams and the fact they beat us out to the Superbowl) and you will be able to get plenty of booze. Just time your run to the bar before three quarter time as they stop selling beer then.

Also, as a say, Champions Square is great fun and if you head up the big stairs to the Dome from Champions square and walk around to the right a bit, with their backs to the Dome wall will be Bobby Herbert and Deke Bellavia from WWL doing their radio show live. But there is lots to see and do.

Let me know if you want more info.
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Old 25.07.2014, 12:14 PM
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yeah everything they said

Get accommodation sorted first everything is double cost on game weekend and goes real fast. If you're young men better to get *****y digs close to the action than a nice place far away. I would recommend Air BNB as some nice places come up at a relatively good rate.

I would recommend Cajan Encounters for both a city tour but definitely swamp tours, try for a day night one that starts in evening light but ends in darkness.

Like Mdaley said Biloxi a miss if you only want a beach, it's a bit sparse head over to Perdido AL. or even Pensicola FL. all very drivable 4 -6 hours, but really I Would give the beach a miss as you can fill 7 days in New Orleans no problem.

you can get jerseys at the Dome shop or black and gold on Veterans Blvd but that is a bit of a stretch without a car. I wouldn't worry about wearing out of date jerseys around town (as long as it ain't Sharper) Some one will say something, you'll say something, they'll get you're English and buy you a drink six hours later you're drunk outside some *****y dive bar sharing a cig with your new best friends.

Don't stress it, if you can't find a good drink, bite and time in New Orleans then you can't really be in new Orleans.
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Old 01.09.2014, 09:10 AM
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After the game just head into the French Quarter on Bourbon St.
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Old 04.09.2014, 10:34 AM
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Dude, you're gonna have a great time. Went to New Orleans last September and spent the whole 10 days we were there in complete awe of the place.

We stopped in the Regency Hyatt which is right next to the Superdome, you can actually get rooms with a view of the Dome, which is a sight in itself but something else at night when the lights around it come on. There's the Saints official team shop on site at the Dome. Range is pretty good, but we found it more expensive than other places. Also got the Saints Hall of Fame right next to it.

There's a place called Lids round the corner which is like a sport's merch chain store in America. They had the best gear in there, Saints merch down one side, LSU down the other and a small section at the back for the rest of the league and sale stuff.

Best way to get around is by street car, I think it's a couple of dollars for an all day pass and you can get on and off as much as you like. These literally go everywhere. Head to the French Quarter and just walk around, there's some real quirky shops. Or depending where you're staying just go for a walk around. You soon learn where to go and where not to go. It's like anywhere though, if a road looks sketchy, you don't walk down it.

Food wise, check out Coop's Place. Little dive bar on Decatur Street, keep an eye out for the sign though or you'll miss it. Best jambalaya and southern fried chicken I've ever had. Staff are real friendly and welcoming too.

I second what was said about Cajun Encounters too, we did a swamp tour with them and it was fantastic. You get up close and personal with some gators.

That's all I can think of for now, but drop me a message if you've got any questions mate.

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