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Default The Cowboys Defense.............

The perception seems to be that the Cowboys defence is the poor relation of the Cowboys offense. A patched up, undermanned, under-resourced unit that does the best it can, all things considered. So I decided to look at a small sample of the draft resources devoted to each side of the ball. Yes, it's only part of the picture, a lot more goes into roster building than just allocating draft resources. Plus, this short list doesn't take into account the entirety of draft picks invested since the days of Parcells (i.e. all the way back to Witten). However, it's 13 players from each side of the ball, starters in the most part, who are active when healthy. You could juggle things around a little but I think it's a reasonable representation.

(Round. Overall pick. e.g. Dak Prescott 4.135 = 4th round, 135th overall pick)


Dak Prescott 4.135

Ezekiel Elliott 1.4

Dez Bryant 1.24
Terrance Williams 3.74
Cole Beasley UDFA (253+)
Ryan Switzer 4.133

Jason Witten 3.69
James Hanna 6.186

Tyron Smith 1.9
Chaz Green 3.91
Travis Frederick 1.31
Zack Martin 1.16
La'el Collins UDFA* (253+)


Demarcus Lawrence 2.34
Tyrone Crawford 3.81
Maliek Collins 3.67
Taco Charlton 1.28

Anthony Hitchens 4.119
Jaylon Smith 2.34
Sean Lee 2.55

Oralndo Scandrick 5.143
Jourdan Lewis 3.92
Chidobe Awuzie 2.60
Anthony Brown 6.189

Byron Jones 1.27
Jeff Heath UDFA (253+)

Now, undrafted picks skew things a little, but if you average out those picks the Offense comes up at '98' and the Defense '91'. So the average draft position on Defense is in fact higher than on Offense i.e. 'better'. Take the UDFA (253+) picks out, plus Anthony Brown on Defense to even things up, and.......Offense '70'.....Defense '67'.

So just from a draft resources point of view, the Defense has had more invested in it than the Offense.......if you look at it in a certain way.

Of course, the 'premium picks', i.e. Top 5, 10, 16, are heavily weighted on offense. That is all 3, Zeke (4), Tyron (9), Zack Martin (16), are on offense.

Regardless of who the 'winner' is here, it's much closer when it comes to resource allocation than people think.

So, if the resources have been invested in it, who is to blame for this 'lesser' defensive unit? Is it solely down to experience? The Defence is young (so is the majority of the offense to be fair but they do have more experience). Is it just a matter of time before they mature into a unit that can match the offense? or is it a lack of 'elite' talent? Is Marinelli really working wonders with a bunch of retreads? Doesn't look like retreads on paper.
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