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Originally Posted by Candlestick Park View Post
Could mean a couple things.

Davis has a learning disability and this makes it difficult for him to learn playbooks the way other quarterbacks do.

Could also mean his conditioning. Strangely he seems rounder now than he was at Ball State and the 49ers might be concerned/annoyed he hasn't shed the extra weight.

Anyway, Smith is our starter, this isn't changing. I'm getting a little tired of the Davis wagon. He had two good quarters in preseason last year and this stupid bandwagon started.
Yeah I did some digging and it seems Nate is not picking up the playbook as quickly as they'd like. Have to wonder if they'd figured his learning disability into those expectations.

Couldn't agree more re the Davis wagon, I haven't seen anything that special. OK he's played well in preseason when he's been put in but against at best 2nd string players, mostly 3rd string. Is he a starter of the future? Perhaps but he ain't ready yet. Even if Alex Smith doesn't work out this season, and I hope he does, I don't think it would be a wise move to stick Davis in there next season, I'd rather see a vet come in and give him time to learn like Aaron Rodgers had in GB.
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