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Old 07.02.2018, 04:21 AM
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Default My thoughts on the Alex Smith trade

My thoughts on the Alex Smith Trade:

That it got done NOW and that the Redskins gave up Fuller and a 3rd tells us that Washington, A) couldn't sign Cousins long term, B) Didn't want to pay 32 million on a franchise tag for one year and be back here again in 2019. C) Clearly they DO NOT like the QB in this draft class. D) obviously, Smith was happy to land here and they had an extension worked out.

Many are going to say the Skins overpaid (and they DID ) for Smith...but what they basically paid the high price for was to get Smith locked up NOW before the option to trade and sign disappeared as the market have to think that there are other teams who are looking at this draft class and getting scared off. They locked up Smith now and their high draft pick is in play. Reports are that 6 teams were in on Smith...we don't know what six...Cleveland is reported as one of them.

As for Smith...this deal very much has the look of Smith being asked about his input on his destination. Again, they already have an extension in place so this has been in the works for a while. No one should be sad for Smith...his extension will pay him 23 mil per with 70 million in guarantees. That is a good haul for him. It is not a bad day to be AS11. Smith also is all but assured to be "THE MAN" in Washington, gets a fresh start AND no highly drafted rookie looking over his shoulder. It's a great landing spot for these reasons.

The Chiefs get a CB who if drafted today would go in round 1. He will start and HE IS CHEAP on his rookie deal! We also get a third round pick. AND we get salary cap relief. Brett Veach gets an A+ for this! It's a GREAT DEAL!

And...of course now we can all put the Alex Smith vs Mahomes stuff to rest for a bit...the pro Alex side is going to be bummed for a while.

Brett Veach lit up a cigarette and told Daniel Snyder to get his a$$ to the kitchen and bring back a sandwich after this deal was done.

Another side note...the AFC West just played the NFC east this year so the Chiefs don't roll back around to playing the Redskins again until 2022. So....unless the Redskins meet us in the Super Bowl, there won't be any head to head competition for KC and Smith for a long long time.
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