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Default Falmouth tridents - first uni cornish american football team

Hello everyone,

I don't know how many people read this but hopefully YOU live in Cornwall? If not it's okay.

I represent the University College of Falmouth's American Football Team - The Falmouth Tridents.


I play Conerback and I'm also one of the PR Officers. I'm a 3rd Year BA(Hons) Digital Animation student.

The Tridents were founded in affiliation with the Cornish Sharks under the guidance of Coach Brian Smallworth who has over 40 years experience and won everything there is to win in American Football in Europe and the UK.

We started up in the first week of October 2011 with about 15 players, myself included. Only me and another guy, linebacker Phil Winslow had ever played before. Phil is doing a masters and played Football for Brighton during his BA(Hons) Degree and has played in Canada too.

I threw a ball about with my mates at lunchtimes during School in a sleepy South East Wales school.

Everybody else had only just grasped that in American Football, your foot doesn't have much contact with the ball.

Here we are just over a month later. We have regular 3 practice sessions a week, Tuesdays on astroturf on our Campus, Fridays on pitches in Falmouth Town, and Saturdays (also on pitches) are player run practice sessions.

The enthusiasm has been through the roof, hence why we've grouped together for an extra session on Saturday even though the Coaches (who all have part time jobs) can't make it.

People who 5 weeks ago didn't know what a Duke is, or why some teams have Pirate ships or black holes, can now tell you what an X, Y and Z receiver is, how to line up against strong and weak sets, how to successfully blitz, and the difference between a 38 sweep, a 37 sweep and a 23 dive as well as the receiver route tree.

Our private players only Facebook group has 60 members and we now get a regular 45 players turning up to Friday practices, and 20-25 on Tuesdays (held earlier than Fridays and often conflicts with lectures) and Saturdays (hung over after Fridays I expect, most of our players are 1st years after all)

The team dynamic itself is extraordinary and I've never been on a sports team where everybody is my friend, and I laugh and get along with. We knock the flying f*** out of each other in practice but not once has anyone raised their voice or had a disagreement, we keep smiling and we help each other up and we get better every day.
Our only philosophy is to have fun.
We're not the biggest, we're not the (physically) strongest, but our strengths lie in quickness, speed and smarts and a great team spirit.

We don't stop on the Football field though. The Falmouth Tridents also do a lot of work off the field, we're currently engaging in Charity events and fundraisers with the British Heart Foundation (who have a big presence and 2 shops in Falmouth) and the Cornwall Air Ambulance (who without our Coach would not be here today).

We also hold social events for the Students, our main one being at a sports bar on Sundays where 30 (the number increases every time) of us gather to watch Kevin Cadle and the team on Sky Sports.
We're currently seeking sponsorships from various companies and business's local to Falmouth. We also have the potential to receive funds from Sports England through the FLEXSI (Falmouth and Exeter Sports Initiative) programme and through our own FXU (Falmouth Exeter Students Union).

I hope maybe some of you have read this and are interested in the development and growth of the Tridents.
Other things to look out for include;

Being a student team, and students from a creative College University we have a unique ability to promote ourselves creatively. I myself being an animator can create shorts and graphics, we have illustrators and graphic designers and film students and photographers - it's a very exciting thing to be a part of.

Please find us on facebook and 'like' us. https://www.facebook.com/fxtridents?ref=ts
Follow us on twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/FXTridents
and on our blog - http://falmouthtridents.wordpress.com/
(a website is being constructed)
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