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Old 20.10.2013, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by JakePJH View Post
It was Jake Plummer against San Diego that started it all off for me, it was a new years eve game and I was staying up, just happened to stumble upon the NFL on sky sports and I've been obsessed ever since!

Favorite memory so far has to be the Wembley game against the 49'Ers, even though we lost it was just crazy for me to see the NFL in the UK AND my team playing! I really want to go out to Denver to watch the Broncos but money and time seem to keep stopping me!
I was at the Wembley game too...it was crazy to see the Broncos over here. Like you said, shame the Broncos lost, but was a great day anyway.
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Old 20.10.2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by montymcfc View Post
I was at the Wembley game too...it was crazy to see the Broncos over here. Like you said, shame the Broncos lost, but was a great day anyway.
Were you guys going equally crazy when Eddie Royal went the length of the field for that Punt Return TD that never was? I was in a little section with a good mix of 49ers and Broncos fans and it was pure pandemonium for a few seconds... until that fricking yellow flag grabbed everyone's attention!

Stupid penalty decision!!
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Old 21.10.2013, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by CJayDixon View Post
Were you guys going equally crazy when Eddie Royal went the length of the field for that Punt Return TD that never was? I was in a little section with a good mix of 49ers and Broncos fans and it was pure pandemonium for a few seconds... until that fricking yellow flag grabbed everyone's attention!

Stupid penalty decision!!
I was exactly the same, I was jumping up and down screaming and then when I saw it was coming back I nearly died! That is the play of the game for me, I've watched it back on youtube and the annoying thing is the illegal block barely helps Royal!
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Old 26.10.2013, 05:02 PM
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In 1983 I was 12 years old and was a disenchanted West Ham supporter. At that early age I was looking for something exotic and exciting to take me away from the grim South London streets. I'd been watching the NFL on Channel 4 and had a few issues of First Down too... In one on those mags I'd seen an ad for NFL Posters..and one of those posters was for the Broncos. The poster was of the Rocky Mountains, a Wild White Horse raised on on it's hind legs and some players. That did it for me. The poster said The Wild West to me and I was sold right there. I'll cut the intervening 30 years, in which I've lived and died every snap. Have been lucky enough to visit Denver a couple of times but have yet to see a game at 'home'. The Broncos are my team and I love them, as they go, I go.
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Old 04.11.2013, 08:06 PM
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I've posted this elsewhere in the forum, but here goes anyway!

I was a fan of the sport without a team, and had done the stadium tours at the old Texas Stadium, and Louisiana Superdome, and had been to see the Redskins v Cowboys at FedEx Field, as well as a few Scottish Claymores NFL Europe games.
In 2009 my wife and I visited Denver for the first time and went on the (as was then) Invesco Field tour. It wasn't in high season, and there were only three people on our particular tour - the two of us, and an American soldier returning from a tour of duty in Iraq. He was a big Broncos fan, but had never been to the stadium. He was from California, and had specially stopped off in Denver on his way home just to do the tour. He was in desert combat fatigues with a huge backpack - literally stopped off for one day before catching another flight out of Denver back to California.
The staff at Invesco Field told the soldier that the tour would be on the house for him, to thank him for his service, and dedication in coming to the tour. Also, they said they would include places on this tour that normally weren't on the official tours. The people at Invesco were really, really friendly - to my wife and I as well as the soldier. In fact, everywhere we went in Denver, the people we encountered were very welcoming, and took a keen interest in where we were from, and what had brought us to spend time in their city. In talking to the tour guide, the 2009 Broncos weren't expected to do very much, he reckoned they could win four games at best, and needed to do a lot of roster re-building.
Well, to cut a long story short, our entire experience in Denver inspired us to make the Broncos our No1 NFL team. I still appreciate the sport, and can appreciate good play from any of the other 31 teams, but nothing we had seen in Dallas, New Orleans, or Washington had made us take a team to our heart - Denver did.
Just goes to show I suppose, first impressions count, and the Broncos staff made a real impression on my wife and I.

Then Kyle Orton was replaced by Tim Tebow who was replaced by Peyton Manning, and I'm a glory hunter who is jumping on the Broncos bandwagon!

Them's the breaks.

Link to some photos.....


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Old 13.11.2013, 01:37 PM
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I think i may have added this story to the site before but here goes.

Been a fan since 2000. My mate is a Raiders fan & had been trying to get me interested in the sport. I was keen to take an interest in another sport so gave it a shot. I played Madden on playstation to get to grips with rules etc. I also went to Claymores games, after that i was hooked. Got season tickets the lot. Anyway, when i first played Madden, i was flicking through teams to select to play as. Stopped at Denver, and my mate being a Raiders fan said "dont go them, i hate them!". So to wind him up i selected Denver and continued to do so. I stuck with them & decided they were my team.

After saving money, I made the trip to Denver in 2006. We had two consecutive home games so i made a 10 day holiday out of it. We won both games which made it better of course. In typical Denver fashion, one game was freezing cold, snow/sleet and the other was sunny skies. I made a few friends through the Orangeman forum before going, so i met up with a few of them to tailgate etc. That was a great experience. Such nice people who often told bar staff to not serve me as i was their guest. Fantastic people & great hospitality. Also went to Wembley a few years ago too.

Certainly been a roller coaster ride following our team

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Old 18.11.2013, 03:33 PM
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I got into football back in 2000, thanks to Madden 2001 on the PS2. My mate bought it and it’s all we played. I became a Broncos fan roughly a year later.

2 of my other mates picked the Tennessee Titans as the cover of Madden 2001 had Eddie George on the cover, but I didn’t feel any real pull towards the team so just kept playing, but normally picked the Broncos because of Terrell Davis, I could terrorise them with his running ability.

It wasn’t until September 2001 until I picked the Broncos as my team. My aunty had recorded the highlights of the Broncos against the Giants, and that game sold them to me.

Been a fan ever since, saw them when they played the international series over here, even though they lost, and try and watch every game I can. Would love to visit the Mile High city but it’s not a cheap trip.
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Old 19.11.2013, 10:57 PM
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Some great stories! Some great pics too! I was at Piccadilly Circus in 2010 as well! Was only 5ft from Elway.

So want to go to Denver and watch them at home!
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Old 07.12.2013, 11:21 AM
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I started following the Broncos in 96 I think, so was a fan before they won the superbowl. Having lived through the glory years and then the drop off after Elway retired it is nice to be watching a team with a chance of winning the superbowl again. I finally got to watch a live Broncos game in Denver this season when I went to watch the Raiders game in week 3 when the Broncos won 37-21. It was an incredible experience. Hopefully i will go back to watch them again some day.
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Old 08.12.2013, 09:18 PM
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Lived in Denver for 6 years, what a city! Saw Broncos at Mile High before they tore it down, and at new Invesco, which was built right next door (or whatever it's called now, guess which one was best?!). Denver is a big football town. Just ask Jim Rome. The Jungle came to Denver once and I went. Great days. Favourite line while I lived and breathed Broncos: Griese sucks (slightly unfair..). Best Broncos coverage used to be 850 KOA on radio, or CBS for AFC West games (channel 4). Used to watch all of it, as does nearly everyone who lives there. Miss Monday Night Football, and class acts like Eddie McAffrey (but his son is a mean football player at high school) and No.93 multi-pro bowler Trevor Pryce. Anyone else used to live in the Mile High City? Go Broncos
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