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Old 24.01.2011, 04:49 PM
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Default 2 years in.... Whats people's assesment of Spags?

Coach Spags has been with us for 2 full years now. What has he done well / Failed in? Overall are you happy with where we are right now under Spags?
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Old 24.01.2011, 05:13 PM
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I'm fairly happy. Whilst the amount of wins over the 2 years isn't a massive step up from the 2 before that, there is a huge difference in the direction the team is going. The 07, 08 teams were regressing with little help from the rookies they selected in those years, whereas now we've got a young side that are progressing on both sides of the ball. When you look at what most people consider to be the corner stones of franchises (QB, LT, DE, DT etc), we've got young guys performing fairly well in most of the areas, that's a fairly huge positive. Obviously the most positive is we have a kid who looks like he can become a very decent QB in the NFL.

Hard to say what his biggest failings are, I've not liked a fair amount of the personnel decisions he's made, some I can admit I was wrong about, others I still don't think are correct, or even proven to be correct. I generally think we've been a bit conservative overall (on and off the field) which maybe is changing with the hiring of McDaniels, which in the end maybe Spags beginning to feel more comfortable as a HC.

I think he's positioned himself into a fairly safe coaching seat, it would take a monumentally bad year for him to be in trouble imo.
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Old 25.01.2011, 04:36 PM
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With what he's had to work with he's done pretty well IMO. Obviously last year wasn't the best start for him but he's going in the right direction...
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Old 25.01.2011, 04:56 PM
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I think he's done reasonbly well. Linehan, Shaw and Co left this organisation in a dire mess and Spags stepped up to the challenge to turn it around, he's brought in some good staff and along with Billy Devaney done okay with the draft picks, not great but alright enough. Managed to keep the players on his side and buy into him despite a 1-15 season, kept the likes of Atogwe and Bartell and got rid of guys like Barron and Carriker which i'd say have been the right decisions.

I also think that by getting McDaniels on board despite having never worked with him shows that he's willing to put the team first which has always been his mentality. Sure having what looks like we've struck gold in Sam Bradford and a pro bowl RB like Jackson helps to an extent but beyond that there's probably Long, Laurinitis and Atogwe that i'd say are pro bowl calibre players right now. There's alot of potential and of course there's still things that need to be improved but in general i have no reason to criticise him even though he may have been restricting the playbook a little bit but i expect that to be different next season.

Final Grade - B
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Old 26.01.2011, 12:05 AM
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I'm pretty happy with where we're at and where we're heading. When you look at where we were two years ago there's been a massive improvement. We've got a long way to go but I'd say things are on track. Last year we'd play a good half, this year we're in most games until the fourth quarter and while this year wasn't the hardest of schedules we won more games than I though we would at the start of the year. Spags seems to have the players playing for him and each other which can only be a good sign. Downisde, you'd question some of the game calling at times but Spags is learning too. Overall there's some real potential for this team and I'm excited about next year.

Praise to Devaney too, while not every draft pick has worked in the last couple of years a good precentage of his picks are either starting or seeing valuable game time and that can only be good when you see that teams like the Steelers and Packers are teams built primarily through the draft. In contrast to the Shaw/Zygmunt era Devaney is hitting well above average to coin a bsaeball term.

I'd be happy with a continued improvement in game day performance next year and not necessarily wins as we're facing a very tough schedule but if we keep going the way we are I think 2 or 3 years from now we're going to be a team that needs to be taken very seriously. If we get the wins too then we're improving quicker than even I think. One note of caution, the 49ers are a QB away form being pretty good themselves so the West is not a lock but hey bring it on!
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