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Default Visiting New Orleans

Originally Posted by James07 View Post
I'm there for week 3

Booked and paid block 132, staying at Bienville house for 7 nights 19th sept onwards, flying with Virgin from Manchester.

Can't wait!!!!!!

Please check out my thread if you've been before, posted earlier asking for advice!

Hey James07, well done, you will love it.
Just some thoughts a bit outside of the box for you..

Saints gear:
The Saints merchandise store is at the Superdome. Its about the only place that I have found that does the gameday Jerseys on a I need it now basis. If you go there as soon as you get there, you can get your own choice of player, but you have to go back to pick it up. When I was last there was only Brees and Graham available off the rack.
There is a very well know store in Metarie called the Black and Gold Sports Store:


If you can get there its worth going to as it has a slightly different range of Saints gear as the official store. Also, if you get to a Macys etc, they sometimes have better deals (and even stock) on Saints gear.

If you do a river cruise, go on the Natchez rather than the Creole Queen if you want to go on a real steamer and a fancy more of a cruise (with food etc) rather than a tour. The Creole Queen is more touristy, this is good to do the Battlefield (if you are into history and dont mind going to a battlefield where the British were defeated!)
The plantation tours are always goof (Oak Alley etc) and you have to do a bayou tour!
Most of them are good but martin on the forum here knows really good ones.

Katrina tours a very interesting, we have done the Grayline one. You should do one.

If you are into music, you are in a good place. Dont forget to check out Kermit Ruffins who usually has a residency somewhere on a Tuesday night (His Thursday residency cancelled when I was there last season. Also, Frenchman Street is more local and a good alternative to the Quarter. But the Quarter is awesome, just watch those hurricanes at Pat Obriens as they can catch up on you..

I love the Rebirth Brass Band (they have a late night Tuesday residency). I guess you have heard of legends like Dr John too (who is in London in November).

If you dont watch it already, then get the Treme TV series out and watch it as well as Spike Lees Katrina vid. Its good to try to understand the soul of the place a little and these help a little.

Everywhere is good but try going to Mothers on Poydras, its a tradition. Bengiets at Cafe Du Monde are another just oncer. Dont worry about Mannings, its pretty good if there is a sporting event on there but nothing really special otherwise. Probably try Mulates for a cajun night if you cant get out into Cajun country.

Saints radio:
WWL is great to listen to for Bobby Hebert and sports. You can listen to it online and access the podcasts to get ready for the trip!

UK Saints facebook page:
You may know this but there is a UK Saints facebook page:


Martin is our man on the ground over there and is a top bloke.

What can i say, brilliant. Check out Champions Square if you have nothing else to do, right next to the stadium and it has bands, booze, babes (Cheerleaders), all the B's!

If you really want to make a difference and locals will appreciate you even more, think about donating a day to do some voluntary work for Habitat for Humanity


I have worked in the warehouse (I am no builder). Its a good way to meet people and do your bit for New Orleans. And putting in a little sweat really gives you that feeling like you are now a little bit of a part of NOLA.

Further out:
If you decide to get out of town and you dont mind a decent drive, Natchez is a very romantic and beautiful place to visit. You have lots of alternatives if you want to get out of town but if you decide to go here, you must stay in Bisland House - your hosts Christine and Byron are from New Orleans and are massive Saints fans and will take good care of you there! This is probably a good idea for your next trip.

Cant think of anything more at the mo, let me know if you have questions.
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