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Old 23.12.2010, 09:07 AM
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My first love was the Bengals because i liked the helmet and they are still my second team, however in the mid eighties it may even have been build up to the 85 superbowl , Channel 4 did a piece on the saints and the superdome , i loved the stadium , i loved the colours, i also felt bad for them in that up to that point they hadnt had a winning season, then when they first had a winning season the owner danced on the pitch with a saints Parasol which i thought was great , i thought that was the team for me and ive never looked back
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Old 25.12.2010, 01:00 AM
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Thanks for this thread OP, its an interesting question. Im new on the board, but not new to the game. I'm very passionate about the saints, they are a great team, why wouldnt I support them.

Supporting the saints just feels so right and so real. The team spirit is awesome, we have some great players, the fans are awesome too. The kit is just fantastic, its so golden and is a source of pride. The saints just stood out for me out of all the other teams, and I just gravitated towards the team. I plan one day to visit USA and watch a live saints game.
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Old 31.12.2010, 01:33 AM
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I haven't replied to this thread before now because, to be honest, I'm not really sure why I support the Saints.

I started watching NFL when C4 was showing it back in the eighties, and I backed the Saints from the start. Everyone else I knew was a 49ers fan or a Bears fan (apart from my Dad, who's a Vikings fan). But I watched a Saints game - it might have been against the 49ers, I can't remember for sure - which they lost. But they did it in style and with spirit, and ever since, I've supported the Saints.

But I can't tell you why I did. Maybe I just wanted to be different and root for the underdog (I don't think it was that), maybe I loved the style of play and the passion of the fans despite the lack of success back then (maybe a bit of that). But whatever it was, the Saints were the team for me, and I can't imagine having gone any other way.
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Old 12.02.2011, 02:47 PM
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I personally don't support one particular team, but I do have soft spots for certain teams. The Saints are one of them. Also one of my friend's has a Reggie Bush jersey
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Old 03.09.2011, 01:41 PM
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Well for me, I was watching the NFL on C4 and at first watched and liked the Raiders as they were one of the teams I'd kinda heard of and seen.

I went to a US sports store here in Derby (now closed) and went in to buy a jersey.
or t-shirt.

When I got to the shop I was confronted with a whole rack of jerseys, jackets and other gear. I always liked the idea of a Black jersey team.

While looking through the jackets pulled up a Raiders, a Steelers and Saints, and opted for the Saints as I liked the Logo and colours more.

So from there onwards have been a Saints fan, now that's some dedication, 1992 to present! Yeah there's been some very tough seasons, and the thought of Katrina wiping out N.O for good was heart breaking for me. So glad they are on the way back rebuilding the city.

Why didn't I pick the Steelers? I could be basking in the glory of several Superbowls! I'd not trade though I love the Saints.

I have been to NOLA 3 times to see games (all pre Katrina) and it rocks, but costs you an arm and a leg to go.

Went to the Wembley game in 2008, met Sean Payton, and a few players stopped and signed my program.

Have regular NFL nights at my place with a few like minded people (only one off them is not a Saints supporter, he's a 'fin's fan), Projector, fries, wings beer and plenty of Mondays booked off!

Looking to maybe take a trip out to N.O next year, if anybody is interested let me know maybe we could hook up.
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Old 06.09.2011, 09:33 PM
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Talking Why i support the Saints

have been a Saints fan since the 80's the Dome Patrol were the best set of linebackers i have ever seen shame we did not have the offence to go with them
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Old 15.09.2011, 07:30 PM
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Became a Saints fan in '06 just after Katrina when they seemed to get a lot of air time and as there was nothing else on on a Sunday evening I fell in love with NFL. Loved all the attention that Reggie got despite his lack of production and as the first team I watched it had to be them that I support for the rest of my life!
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Old 16.09.2011, 12:43 PM
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I converted because I found myself looking forward to watching the saints more than the team I'd been a "fan" of since I was a little kid. They're just such a brilliant team to watch. NoLa is a great place that I'm really looking forward to visiting, love the uniforms, the logo the sotires about paper bag masks and the stadium being exorcized, the symbol they becam after Katrina.

There's really nothing I don't love about the saints, past and present.
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Old 16.09.2011, 08:28 PM
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I'd been through a coupla teams before I became a Saints fan.
Got into the NFL around 06/07. I was drawn to the Cowboys as at time. I'm a huge fan of everything South in the US and at the the time if I remember correctly, T.O. was having an exciting season.
Didn't really get the rules at the time so sorta lost interest towards the end of that o season.

Year or so back found out a friend at work was into the NFL and we got talking and I started watching again. Neither of us knew who to support, but my mate had the idea to support the team who won the Superbowl the year we were born. So I end up a sort of Giants fan.
Got myself a jersey and tuned into games whenever I could, but it never felt right. The team didn't fit for me.

So in the off season with all the CBA stuff going down I got to checking out a few NFL teams.
It had to be a Southern team for me, and it was a toss up between the Texans and the Falcons, with the Saints being a maybe. But after watching the season opening game against those cheese heads (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I knew who my team was.
Sure, we didn't win, but so what? To me, it was exciting football and it clicked with me.
Then I had a sign from the NFL Gods and I knew the Saints were my team

Man, have I rambled on some
Bring it on Bears
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Old 24.09.2011, 10:56 PM
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I'm pretty new to the NFL and only got into a couple years ago. Not one person in my family is into sports so it wasn't til I met a new person on facebook from Louisiana who had been a lifelong fan and was constantly talking about them that I really heard anything about football. I didn't really pay too much attention til I was flying back to the UK from the Middle East where my family live after the holidays and in the line to get into the gate, there was a guy in front and one behind me. We didn't know each other and they didn't know each other either, but they both were from New Orleans! So they started talking to each other about football and I ended up talking to them the whole time before we boarded about football and I decided when I got home I would watch the first NFL game that was scheduled which happened to be the Saints! I got really into it then, and I caught the fever. Then I went to a super bowl party in London and the first people I saw were Saints fans and ended up spending the whole night and morning with them. I just keep randomly finding Saints fans! I guess it was fate!
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