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Old 10.08.2017, 09:20 AM
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Default Gamepass billing issues [separate thread]

Mods - please leave this in place and don't merge into the messy single thread about gamepass, as this is a serious, separate issue where the NFL are taking money from people without their consent. Appreciate there is a single thread which the sticky posts says is for 'gamepass coverage' of NFL - this is purely about billing.

I want to track/speak to others that have been:


Charged in a foreign currency without their permission

Charged for Gamepass without their consent.

Have been billed but Gamepass claims they have no active subscription

Affected forum users:


db316 - £144.35
Bondstarpaul - £140.68
Barney_dk - approx £169.68 (billed AUD 280)
4Skin - £164.99 (blocked by their bank)
mrtuft - £145 (despite opting out of renewal, had to ask bank to reverse charge)
ukramfan - £224.99

For my part, I had auto-renewal on, but Gamepass had my old credit card details. I updated them before 1 August. I checked and I paid £129.99 last year for gamepass.

They Took: 178.88 CHF (swiss francs)

My bank applied a £4.19 foreign transaction fee.

For a total of £144.35.

I was lead to believe that renewals were priced at the previous years payment - is this not the case now? I didn't receive a single email saying anything but this, it's the incentive to keep auto-renewing.

Regardless, they overbilled me whether it was meant to be £129.99, or £139.99.

I emailed them on Sunday on, received a 'we'll get back to you' email on Monday but nothing since. I also tweeted the gamepassnfleu account multiple times, no response.

Assuming no resolution by end of the week I'll do a chargeback.

Has anyone else had a better experience in resolving this - an email address you've used or someone you've spoken with?

Does anyone know if Deltatre or NFL UK have even acknowledged the billing problems?

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