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Old 13.11.2018, 11:48 AM
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Seems the reason we haven’t fired Bowles is that nobody else is capable of stepping in as an interim. Pretty much says it all about the quality of our coaching staff really! Our ST Coordinator is the only one who deserves to be in a job at this point.

This season was always going to be rough, but these last 6 games are going to be a real slog. Honestly don’t think we’ll win another game. There’s reasons to be optimistic about the next offseason, where we’re likely to have around $100m of cap space and a probable top 5 pick, but I have little confidence that we’ll get it right.

Still have every confidence in Darnold. He’s obviously had some horrible games as of late, but showed earlier in the season what he’s capable of. Hopefully, McCown’s struggles on Sunday made the dumbasses blaming Sam for all our woes realise where the real problems lie, i.e an embarrassingly bad supporting cast and OC.

Anyone have any theories about who the next HC should be? I’ve seen John Harbaugh’s name come up more than anyone else. Not perhaps his biggest fan, but he’s experienced, well respected around the league and runs a tight ship, so I wouldn’t have an issue with him coming in.
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