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Old 05.01.2019, 12:27 PM
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Default My thoughts

And so the season ends but it seems like the real story is just beginning!
Antonio Brown happens to be one of my favorite players in the whole nfl but he's not the main reason this team wins that distinction goes to Ben Roethlisburger.
Pittsburgh is not a team that blows things up & starts a fresh but this yr to me seems different.Realizing that something isn't right and moving on can be painful but is essential.Seattle allowed a number of their 'legends' to leave in order to have a TEAM where everybody was pulling in the same direction and what do you no they're in the playoffs now.
I'm in the minority but I'm a believer in Tomlin just as the Seattle hierarchy were in Pete Carroll (I personally think he's an over rated jerk!)
I have no idea what's going to happen here,people are always going to be second guessing whatever does happen tho either good or bad and hindsight is a wonderful thing.I have no doubt Brown (and indeed Bell) will be successful as far as stats go wherever they end up,I just think they seem to care more for individual success rather than the bigger picture of team success i.e. playoff victorys & super bowl wins
Whatever happens I think these 2 players will look on the past two yrs as huge missed opportunities
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