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Old 12.05.2019, 08:04 AM
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Default Game - players needed, Monster

Hi folks

Olly here - just wanting to post and encourage a few from the forum to sign up for this game, we need 32 players and currently have around 25-30, so a few spaces left. It is hosted on and essentially is a game where you compile a roster of 53 NFL players (max), via retaining current players on the team and adding to them via trades, or a 30 round draft followed by a free agency period to top up any positions.

The game takes place during the off season fully (draft likely to be during June/July), and you can get as involved as you wish - some of us get involved everyday, which I personally find fun to follow - or you can dip in and out when you are on the clock to make picks, you just need to have a good knowledge of NFL players - which I think most, if not all on here definitely do!

There are some more niche rules around retaining players on current squads, which might take a little more explaining (ie. you only have so many "points" to retain, so this way it makes sure there is good turnover of players in the league to make the draft worthwhile, whilst also making sure you do get to keep players you have drafted well).

If you want in, let me know either via PM here, or preferably by signing upto the site and posting on the "In - 2019?" thread on the link above - it would be great to get a couple of you involved, I genuinely think you would enjoy it, I had my doubts joining it last year, but like the 7 rounder, it really does get you hooked!

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Very interested, but I don't want to be on more than one UK NFL forum...
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