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Default Simplifying the TV coverage Forum.

Hi all,

Have had a few people now comment about multiple threads on the same subjects, such as gamepass, Terrestrial coverage etc. We understand this can be frustrating, especially as many of the discussion points are raised again and again.

So now we have three merged threads here that will hopefully help to simplify things.

One thread for discussing Sky Sports coverage of the NFL: Found here

One thread for discussing Terrestrial/Free to Air NFL coverage: here

One thread for discussing Gamepass coverage: Which you will find here

IF people have games issues it might be best for them to use the sticky thread at the top of the page, as they tend to do so now anyway.

It would be hugely appreciated if people would consider using these three threads rather than starting their own,wherever possible.

The weekly 'Sky Sports picks' threads and so on will remain as they are, and feel free to add threads as you wish, but if they fall into the category of general discussion they may be moved into one of these 'new' threads.

Many thanks

The Mod Team.

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