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Old 14.03.2018, 02:49 AM
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Default Anyone sad Malcolm Butler is gone?

As the title suggests, anyone feel down about this?
Happy for his deal and all that but... can't help feeling that this is a big loss.

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Old 14.03.2018, 02:53 AM
Jimbobgoat Jimbobgoat is offline
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Default I'm aware I didn't spell "Malcolm" correctly

Autocorrect isn't having a day.
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Old 23.04.2018, 03:01 PM
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Not so much since we got Jason McCourty in - tbh I liked Butler, but he had his limitations and I prefer corners who are less make big plays/give up big plays which is what he is really
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Old 29.04.2018, 08:28 AM
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I'm always disappointed to see a player leave who was so important to the team at one point in time. Superbowl XLIX will always be known for that last ditch interception.

However, on topic, his productivity had dropped off significantly this last season, he just didn't seem to be as bothered last season following his potential trade to the Saints falling through. We all knew he was off in FA this year so I'd made peace with it and we move on.

Personally, I was more disappointed to see both Dola and Solder leave to Miami and the Giants respectively although I understand 100% why they did. We just couldn't pay them what they were being offered elsewhere, and in a game where there is only a finite amount of time to make money, you have to go for it.
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Old 29.04.2018, 06:13 PM
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to be honest I was more disappointed when we lost Logan Ryan in 2017 but we signed Gilmore knowing his contract would make it impossible to keep Butler so in the end it was Belichick getting what he could out of rookie contracts then moving on.

with Solder and Amendola they served us well but the dollars desperate teams paid where just way to much for what they got.Solder is an above average LT but the Giants are paying him like he was an All-pro entering his prime not about to turn 30 and Danny was great in our offence and stepped up his game in January but with Miami will he be the 4th WR match-up nightmare that the Pats used to get so much value out of or struggle to get open if he draws much tougher match-ups.
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