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Old 12.07.2018, 08:43 AM
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Default Safeties - NFLUK Forum All-NFL Team

Combining both the Free & Strong Safety roles. A number of top players at the positions, some may be now descending from standards set a year or two back, whilst a number of good young players now making their mark

Top 5's please........
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Old 12.07.2018, 08:58 AM
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1. Harrison Smith - Best all-round Safety in the League & by a distance. Plays the run and pass in equally effective measure with an ability to read the offense & find the football

2. Glover Quin - Versatile and important cog in an improving Lions.

3. Eric Berry - Injuries curtailed his 2017 season - given what he has overcome previously there is no doubt he will return to the effective presence he was

4 Earl Thomas - Injuries may have taken the edge off Thomas & it may be wondered where his head is at as he looks longingly at the Cowboys, but Thomas remains an elite on the field presence

5. Devin McCourty - Brings CB coverage skills to the Safety position & improving against the run
Old 12.07.2018, 04:01 PM
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1. Harrison Smith (Vikings) - A balanced safety who rarely puts a foot wrong. It always helps playing on a good D too.

2. Earl Thomas - 29, but he's still one of the best in the game. Without the injuries of recent years he might have been no.1.

3. Landon Collins (Giants) - I didn't trust him in coverage one bit coming out of college, but those issues seem to have settled down somewhat as he's played closer to the LoS (sadly).

4. Kevin Byard (Titans) - 8 INT's and a 1st Team All Pro selection, suggests Byard's heading in the right direction (stats-wise at least).

5. Adrian Amos (Bears) - Another young player in the ascendancy, plays on an ascending D too.

Eric Berry - 29 like ET, and if he's healthy he's no.3, but coming off a ruptured Achilles there a some questions that need answering before he takes his place back amongst the elite.

Other mentions - the Bills safety duo, Malcolm Jenkins, and Marcus Williams (pre Stefon Diggs).
Old 13.07.2018, 07:16 AM
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1. Harrison Smith - Comfortably the best in the league, strong in all facets required. Given I also had Rhodes at 1, it shows how tough they are to throw on, unless you're Nick Foles...

2. Earl Thomas - Still one of the very best and hardly past it at 29 either.

3. Kevin Byard - Could be number 1 in a year or two with the way he's developing, a fantastic ball stealer in the defensive backfield to scare the opposition off.

4. Malcolm Jenkins - Look at the variety of things he's asked to do. He plays many of his snaps up at linebacker, he goes in coverage against tight ends and big receivers, he goes in the box, he plays deep. Gives the defence so many options because he can fill any gap

5. Micah Hyde - Excellent player against the pass and a real leader in the Buffalo defence.

I don't know if I'm being unfair but I feel this is one of the weaker positions in the NFL right now. Lots of the previous top guys being hurt and not that many coming through to replace them.
Old 13.07.2018, 12:09 PM
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1. Harrison Smith

Not even close. This guy covers every blade of plastic grass.

2. Patrick Chung

Not just a box Safety, Chung does it all in the Pats D.

3. Kevin Byard

8 INTS and 24 passes defended says it all.

4. Earl Thomas

Can't have a list of Safety's without the anchor in that Seahawks D

5. Jaquiski Tartt

A broken forearm might have made everyone forget that Eric Reid got benched to make room for Tarrt. Not much of CV it's true but this is a future star.
Old 13.07.2018, 06:01 PM
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1. Harrison Smith
2. Earl Thomas
3. Devin McCourty
4. Patrick Chung
5. Kevin Byard
Old 16.07.2018, 01:13 PM
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Free Safety:
1. Earl Thomas (Seattle Seahawks)
Thomas was the best Free Safety for several years, the legion of boom is coming to an end now and some of the younger players on this list will be looking to take over.
2. Kevin Byard (Tennessee Titans)
Byard had a solid year and the statistics speak for themselves.
3. Adrian Amos (Chicago Bears)
Amos is a year older than Byard and his season was almost as good, one for the future on an improving Bears Defense.
4. Glover Quin (Detroit Lions)
Quin is one of the older players on this list, but he is still performing every year.
5. Devin McCourty (New England Patriots)
McCourty is a solid part of the Patriots Defense and sneaks into the top 5.

Strong Safety:
1. Harrison Smith (Minnesota Vikings)
Smith is the best Safety in Football at the moment, he can do it all.
2. Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs)
Berry is an incredible Safety, but he's not competing for the top spot due to injuries, I hope he returns to top form for a healthy 2018 season.
3. Kam Chancellor (Seattle Seahawks)
Chancellor is similar to Berry, although it may be the last we've seen of him.
4. Landon Collins (New York Giants)
Collins didn't hae a great year, but he's making this list due to his performanes in the previous season.
5. Keanu Neal (Atlanta Falcons)
Neal was the second best Strong Safety last season, one for the future.

1. Harrison Smith (Minnesota Vikings)
2. Earl Thomas (Seattle Seahawks)
3. Kevin Byard (Tennessee Titans)
4. Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs)
5. Kam Chancellor (Seattle Seahawks)

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