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Old 09.10.2017, 09:06 AM
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Default Browns analytic strategy...not working?

So we’re now at the start of a Cleveland Browns 0-5 start, following a 1-15 season - and I have to question the Browns strategy of collecting draft picks and passing on QBs. You look at Wentz, Goff, Watson all of who the Browns passed on, and they all look very good and promising. They give those organisations exciting futures and future franchise QBs. What does Cleveland have to show for it? A few extra 2nd round picks they’ll probably whiff on?

And who on earth sanctioned the hire of Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator?

I think the Browns need to blow it up, go get a QB high, and rebuild this franchise properly
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Old 09.10.2017, 11:16 AM
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I read a post on Twitter about the Browns passing on QB's. It's very easy to cherry pick the 'succesful' rookies that the Browns (or other teams) have passed on and criticise but it's a bit early imo. I say 'succesful' because we can't honestly crown these guys yet. The initial tweet I saw referred to them passing on Dak, which just highlights the naivety of that post (the twitter post, not yours Olly).

Looking at the Sachi Brown era I.e. this year and last, they didn't pass on Goff, the Rams jumped them to take him #1.

Ok, they passed on Wentz, but who is to say Wentz has success in Cleveland? Look at Goff, before this season the average fan saw him as an expensive bust. 5 games into the season, with a new HC, offensive system, and a few offensive additions and people are starting to see some potential. So many variables go into success, which means it's tough to criticise passing on a player. Admittedly though, by the simplest approach, they passed on a potentially good QB in Wentz.

They passed on Watson too. He's 5 games, and 4 starts, into his NFL career. Again, looks decent, is mobile (like Wentz) which helps, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. If 3 years from now he's a top 10 QB then fair enough.

Add to that the Browns draft picks in 2018 and it's too early to judge this imo. It's a long process, 3-5 years. Let's see what Kizer is (or Hogan), see what they do in the 2018 Draft, then see where they stand in 2019/20. There has been so much turnover on their roster it'll surely take time.
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Old 09.10.2017, 05:51 PM
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think the coaches deserve as much blame as any analytic's.

only watched bits yesterday but 2 redzone turnovers and running up the middle on 4th and 2 when you could take the field goal.

lots of teams have missed on QB's but the Browns have atleasted moved on from all those wasted 1st round picks and there 2 1st rounders from this year look promising but there offence is still poor with bad QB's or there best drafted wideout who just cant stay on the field(coleman).
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Old 09.10.2017, 08:47 PM
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I liked the call to go for it on 4th down. Our kicker had missed one last week as well as the 2 this week. If we'd gone for the FG and he'd missed again, Hue would have been ridiculed again. What did make me nervous & I can go along with this thread for is the decision to give Gonzalez the nod over Parky.

At the time, the kicking competition was neck and neck. The nod was given to the draft pick over the incumbent who had proved himself in actual games. The case for Parky was that he had been reliable after his first game where his miss had cost us a W, but it was understandable in that he hadn't even had a chance to practice with us before the game.
The case for Gonzalez was he was a draft pick of the front office and had won a kicking award at College and has a very long kick off.
What made me nervous was that he hadn't played in an NFL game that mattered and, in addition, wasn't making a clear case to throw away what we had.
Similarly, until last night's game, I was regretting the snap decision to move on from Barnidge after we drafted Ndjoku. Development was seen last night, but until then, it looked a very poor move IMO. If the development continues, it will look an extremely smart decision.
As far as QBs concerned, Hue only wanted Goff that Draft and if Rams hadn't leapfrogged us to take him, he would have been snapped up. We did pass on Wentz and he looks a very good QB. Again Watson looks an exceptional prospect but where are all the Draft experts that were saying that there were no franchise QBs this year? I think Mahones ended up being viewed a good "project" but I'm sure there was talk of it being such a Browns thing to do if we took a QB. Granted Watson was still available for our second pick, but so was the slam dunk Ohio State DB. We needed as many decent pieces as we could get. If we had taken him,Watson would still be throwing to the same WR corps who haven't been able to get separation on routes.
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Old 09.10.2017, 08:52 PM
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Definitely the right call to go for it on 4th. Even when they failed the Jets were starting on the 3 with only a 6th round rookie RB in the game and hadn't moved the ball at all up to that point.
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Old 09.10.2017, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Jetupandgo View Post
Definitely the right call to go for it on 4th. Even when they failed the Jets were starting on the 3 with only a 6th round rookie RB in the game and hadn't moved the ball at all up to that point.
nothing wrong with taking a 4th down gamble but surely just to run up the middle was not the best idea.atleast put the ball into the mobile QB hands and give him a run/pass option.
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Old 09.10.2017, 09:37 PM
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At 1-20 it's hard to buy into Jackson as HC. Most of us could probably win 1 game as HC. And they look like they've made a mistake with Kizer - I mean why play him before such a horrible OL? It doesn't help him. And what good was putting him in as a rookie and then benching him do? Better to have him learn if he was going to do that.
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Old 09.10.2017, 09:48 PM
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Nothing the Browns do works. Just the way it is.

Have they checked to see if their stadium was built an on an old Indian burial ground? Could explain things.
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Old 13.10.2017, 12:02 PM
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I think the Browns have the making of a good team and compare them to Jacksonville in that both seemingly are building and establishing a very good defence but still have their flaws on Offence.

Cleveland are behind Jax in this regard due to a couple of whiffs at QB in recent years with Weeden and Manziel and Gordon's meltdown however with 5 picks in Round 1/2 next year they are surely likely to stock up with some credible starters there and then will start to build a team to challenge.

If anything this resurgence could come at an optimum time for long suffering Browns fans as Steelers could be due a falter with Big Ben seemingly pointing to the exit after this season and Bengals and Ravens very much in their own rebuild mode as well.

Would not suprise me at all to see the Browns Top the AFC North next season - whether that is with Hue leading them or not though remains to be seen !
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Old 13.10.2017, 03:21 PM
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Don't know if it's working or not but it needs to be given time before it succeeds or fails.
However I find it laughable how all the "experts" are saying it's bad of the Browns because of the QBs they passed on.
1.Wentz....At the time most experts said brilliant trade down as Wentz was probably not going to be a franchise QB but would go for the 2nd pick because basically it was only him and Goff to choose from who were good enough to be starters.
2.Watson...I must have misread the experts laughing at Houston for picking him where they did.
3.Trubisky..Oh how all the experts laughed at the Bears for what many of them called one of the worst trades in draft history.

These were the same experts who predicted RGIII would be a near elite QB and some of them even said better than Luck.

Tell you what works 1000 times better than analytics and that's hindsight.
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