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Old 22.08.2017, 10:25 PM
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Default Optimistic or Unrealistic?

Not sure if this would be a train of thought or a rant but something just dosnt seem to be clicking in that offense, and all seems to be coming from the OL

The game v browns highlighted it from the poor running performance to the constant QB pressures. Manning & Smith constantly having to dump it to the RB because they don't have the time to let the receivers separate. It might only be pre-season game 2 but this is a big year Eli's 'window' is closing and I'm pretty sure his performance would improve with a more solid line. If not big improvements needed.

With all the usual off-season hype & Dallas shooting themselves in the foot divisional/championship round was achievable if not more. Starting to feel a little less excited now!

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Old 22.08.2017, 10:49 PM
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its one of those things where we now have to just hope it turns out to be fine.

but its been clear the last two off seasons that we needed to add some talent and JR failed to to do so.
while arguments can be made about the draft (he seemed to reach for the very raw Flowers who was forced to play LT that first season) and the cost of FA, there were players we could of landed.
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Old 24.08.2017, 01:41 PM
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Yes, the OL has been the Giants achilles heel for some time.

Every year it seems to yield to other priorities. It means our running game has tended to suck, our long routes don't develop and Eli gets pressured into throwing more picks.

But you can't afford everything! The Browns have a good OL, but I'll take our team over theirs.

We have lacked a decent (healthy!) tight end for ages, and that could help, both by blocking and by giving Eli some better short routes.
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