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Old 07.09.2015, 08:02 PM
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Default Season Prediction/Review

Well I'm sure recent events has caused most of us to adjust our expectations for the upcoming season.

Injuries,suspensions,lacklustre preseason performances and now the discarding of a couple of draft picks at positions where we were badly in need.

Our draft selection process is coming in for some criticism but looking at it from another angle at least we are being decisive whereas in the past we might have been a bit too loyal in certain cases.

I am hopeful that last years class will give us 4 above average starters and I think we should give this years offering a chance to pan out.

There is also an chance that we get some effective contributions the late additions we have made.

The DB situaution seems to be a never ending problem but I'm not sure where the blame lies?
Lack of premium draft picks spent at position
Sub-standard talent evaluation
A weak pass rush
An outdated scheme that opponents have become too clued up on
Poor coaching - Is Lake actually up to the job?

My guess for this year

Ravens 11-5
Bengals 8-8
Browns 5-11

I'll take us to make a late charge down the stretch and just squeeze in and from there who knows?

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Old 07.09.2015, 08:24 PM
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I did a game-by-game prediction for all 32 teams a week or so ago and I was slightly surprised just how strong I had the Ravens. But I went through every single game without looking at the running totals.

Ravens 13-3 (number 1 seed)
Bengals 11-5 (wildcard)
Steelers 9-7
Browns 5-11

For the record I had the Colts in the 2 seed spot, Chargers at 3, Patriots at 4 and the Broncos at 6 at 9-7. The Bills were also 9-7 but the computer said the Broncos got the final spot.
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Old 07.09.2015, 08:54 PM
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A real head scratcher this....

the panic button on the secondary, D'Line and O'line depth is being pressed at an alarming rate over the last 48 hours...

I don't see anyone bar Deebo getting to the QB on a regular enough basis...

Cinci and Baltimore are both strong outfits, and Cleveland will be a bit better again.

as it stands i'm seeing us 8-8
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Old 07.09.2015, 09:22 PM
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Ratbirds offence is pitiful. I'd say we'll make 10 wins, to take the division.
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Old 08.09.2015, 08:48 AM
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The divisional games will always be tough but I have a feeling we go 4-2 (lose to the browns & ravens) Trips to New England & Seattle are nailed on losses along with other tough but winable games at the Rams, Chargers & Chiefs. Colts, Broncos & Cardinals won't be easy to beat at home along with a visit from the Raiders who we notoriously under-prepare for.

We need to be at least 6-2 at home to stand a chance of making the playoffs and I think the division is there to be won. Our O is THAT good! Even with what looks like an awful D.

Although i'm confident we make the playoffs i'm expecting another 1 and done.
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Old 08.09.2015, 07:11 PM
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When it comes to predicting Steelers games I always take them!however there ain't no way this team goes unbeaten!I don't put much stock in preseason but as has been said this D is gonna have some growing pains & losing 3 stars on O for the start of the season is a real body blow.I'd take 10 wins in a heartbeat but predict 8/9
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Old 09.09.2015, 12:24 AM
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Tough schedule this season. AFC West and NFC West two of the best divisions in Football. We have not played the AFC West teams well for a while now and even the terrible Oakland Raiders in recent season's have been a bogey team.

This Steeler's team has too many deficiencies and weakness right now. Any starters go down and we have seen pre season what rubbish we have as back up. I expect 3rd place in the group with only six wins this season. Nine wins might just take the AFC North .
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Old 16.09.2015, 11:08 AM
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Our secondary is awful and defence is in transition so I'm going 9-7 at best and 6th seed maybe.
So many high draft picks on D so it better start producing
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Old 23.01.2016, 01:19 PM
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Always good to look back and see how things turned out.There didn't seem to be a massive amount of optimism which in hindsight was probably an overreaction to a lacklustre preseason.

Right from the start we were hit with injuries,a few of them to key players,and there wasn't much of a let up!

Lev Bell
Not one but TWO fullbacks!!!

Did any team lose as much talent? And throw in the self-inflicted stuff by Bryant and Bell just to make things a bit more challenging.

So with the combo of schedule and injuries making the playoffs was a big ask.We also received some breaks but didn't always cash in-

No Jamaal Charles
An off form Ravens featuring Ryan Mallet
Andy Dalton being out for nearly 2 of 3 games.
Broncos led by Osweiller
Colts with Hassleback

I wonder how different our season would be viewed if the Jets won there final game
PLAYER OF THE SEASON - AB.Enough said.R/U Cam Heyward

MOST IMPROVED - MARCUS GILBERT.Got in shape,stayed healthy and nearly gatecrashed the ProBowl which is tough to do for a RT.Stephon Tuitt also considered but his improvement was half expected,Gilbert's was not.MIKE MITCHELL also started earning his money.

BREAKOUT PLAYER - A.VILLENEUVA/C.BOSWELL/R.NIX.Credit to the Steelers for identifying the potential in AV and then getting him ready to play.Had the odd whiff but showed enough to make the question over Beachums future much easier to answer.Along with Gilbert we might have a pair of bookends to see out no.7's career.Boswell has looked money from day1.NIX has made himself impossible to leave off the roster come gameday.Throw in his special teams play and you are left with a valuable bits and pieces component.

YO-YO'S - SHAZIER & BRYANT - Two 2nd year players who will have a big say in the success of the franchise.Shaziers biggest hurdle would seem to be health,Bryant just needs to decide how much he wants it.

UNSUNG HEROES -On offense DEANGELO stepped in and carried the load.Quality pass pro and improved as a receiver as the season wore on.Seems like a leader on and off the field.WILL GAY.5 or 6 years ago he was the whipping boy.Seems to read the game well,not often out of position and often makes plays on the ball.Need his smarts to rub off on the others.

TEASERS - SAMMIE COATES.Caught 3 balls and drew 1 flag all year so a ridiculously small sample size.The first catch showed good cutting ability for a big man followed by a rapid progression through the gears.Reminded me of the Bryant catch against the Cards.Exciting times ahead.JESSE JAMES was not trusted after showing poor hands in preason but eventually worked his way into the mix.Made some great blocks in the openfield and a handful of nice catches.

PLAY OF THE SEASON - BRYANT 88yard TD v the Cards.Helped make the impossible possible.

BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT - LEVEON BELL injury.Arguably the best all-around back in the league was denied the chance to showcase his talents.This guy is due some luck.If this offence ever gets on the field for a sustained time there looks to be too many mismatches for anyone too handle

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Old 07.09.2016, 07:48 PM
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Right it's time for predictions.

Steelers 11-5 (champs)
Bengals 11-5
Ravens 8-8
Cleveland 6-10

There's no reason why we can't win it all.
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