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Old Yesterday, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by wayne ellis View Post
Cousins would definitely be my first choice, and there's few (if any) teams that could outbid us for him. Whether he'd want to come here is another story.

Of the rookie QBs, I'm firmly on the Josh Rosen bandwagon. Not much chance he slips to #6 though, so we'd likely need to trade up to get him...
Agreed on both points, not seen much of Rosen but from what I read that assessment seems logical.

Surely with Eagles and Vikes having such success with back up/3rd string QBs.. we will open our eyes and options...

I don't see Foles or at least 1 of the three vikes QBs being there next year so I honestly believe there will be options -

None would be as big as risks as the FA QBs in the last few years - having Playoff success is also never a bad thing.
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Rosen is definitely the plug and play draft option. He's unlikely to bust imo. Other draft options are potentially better in the long run, but also much bigger risks. I don't think I'm breaking the bank for Cousins, but I would definitely explore the option extensively. I don't think any of the other FA options are great, but there's potentially a couple there who are bottom of the barrel franchise QBs. With a really good team behind them you might have a shot at winning with them. Foles is interesting. I've always been a fan but he's under contract next year and I wouldn't trade anything of significance for him. I'd prefer him to Bradford, Keenum, etc. but still he's in that bottom tier of guys who might give you a shot really.

Other than Cousins I'm not sure any of the potential FA options should preclude drafting a QB as pretty much anyone but Rosen needs to sit. I like Falk as a mid round option if we keep a WCO type scheme. Not a great arm but everything else is way up there. He could end up being really good.

But if they really like one of the QBs then they have to draft them. Sure you might miss but it is the most important position on the field and if you think a guy has it - whatever that is - then you have to take a risk.

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