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Old 17.02.2012, 02:44 PM
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Sanchez owns, theres no way you would want to get rid of him.
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Old 25.02.2012, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Atlanta21 View Post
Sanchez owns, theres no way you would want to get rid of him.
I think that's overstating the position somewhat.
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Old 06.03.2012, 07:16 AM
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Default Manning No Thanks

Here's my view on Manning to The Jets (Blog post from a few weeks ago 29/1/12)

As much as I'd be happy to see Peyton Manning in the green and white of the Jets come the start of the 2012 season. I feel it would be a foolish move by the Jets.

Yeah it may sell a few jerseys/tickets the media will fall over itself with the battle of New York (Peyton Vs Eli) but I feel the Jets need to look at the bigger picture.

Lets say we take Manning and ditch Sanchez, (who for the record wasn't the only issue within the team last year) then what? do we have enough money left within the cap? to address for me what are the main concerns regarding the team. Don't we need to strengthen the O line, add a safety, maybe a running back if LT leaves, its fair to say we need another WR, linebacker?

The draft will plug a few holes for us, but will they be ready to start for the gang green? free agency I hear you say, if you want quality then I'm afraid its going to cost you.

What would be the point in taking Manning if you can't address the main issues, he'd never be able to take the hits Sanchez did this past year, is his neck 100%?.

The resigning of Sione Pouha and Jim Leonhard surely take priority over anything, then address the positions I mentioned earlier. What would become of Tony Sparano's role as offensive coordinator? isn't he run first, while Manning is used to running the offense in Indy, more locker room hysteria?

The 'Ground n Pound' style that got us to back to back Championship games with a rookie QB worked, we played to our strengths, had an identity, having a QB of Mannings caliber would be amazing, but it also comes with a huge risk. One play he's injured and we'd be back to where we were, Sanchez and the same O line/team issues.

I want the best for my Jets and Peyton Manning is an outstanding QB, that i'd welcome to the team if we choose to go that root, I'm just thinking about the bigger picture, get back to basics and strengthen and add depth to the team, lets have our guys watching the Super Bowl next Sunday, wanting to put right the wrong from this season, they'll be hungry and wanting to prove themselves.

Regards Mark >>
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Old 07.03.2012, 12:41 PM
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A firm confident sanchise-esque 100% NO from me, maybe different given a star-studded squad going gung-ho for a 1 season SB charge but we still got far bigger areas to improve on besides QB.
Praying PM signs up elsewhere ASAP!
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Old 07.03.2012, 01:46 PM
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We're going back to the ground and pound Offense next season. Sign Manning and we'd be paying a lot of money for someone to hand the ball off.... Manning will NOT be a Jet, we'll sign someone like Henne or Campbell to push Sanchez and at least be a solid backup for if he gets injured.
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