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Old 23.11.2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacks Jets View Post
Shoot them all.
Oy, this is the positive thread...
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Old 23.11.2012, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by wayne ellis View Post
Can we lock this thread now???
C'mon W.E. you were equally unhappy a few weeks back
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Old 24.11.2012, 12:45 AM
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I have to say.........watching last night's game was shocking, truly shocking. For any team to concede 3 TD's in under a minute does take an element of bad luck but it also takes a lot of incompetence. As Cris Collinsworth said, it was 'keystone cops' stuff there for a while.

Obviously I don't follow the Jets ongoings as closely as you guys do but, from the outside looking in, your team seems to have all manner of problems.

- A Head Coach that lets his players away with too much
- A terrible offensive co-ordinator
- Poor special teams play
- A divided locker room
- A fractious relationship with the media
- A poor QB and a self made QB controversy
- A defense that is on the wane compared to what it once was

When you add it all together it's just a recipe for disaster.

I honestly think the Jets need to clean house after this season is over. For the first time ever, I am thinking that the house cleaning needs to include Rex Ryan. I'm not as convinced as I used to be that he can take the Jets where you want them to go. At one poing he certainly had the Jets on an upward curve but he seems to have lost direction somewhere along the line. He got rid of Brian Schottenheimer as OC, a move which most of you guys seemed to have wanted him to make for a while, and then replaced him with Tony Sparano(who's even worse in my opinion). Anyone who had watched how crap the Dolphins offense was under Tony Sparano should have had an inkling that he wasn't the man to revive the Jets offense. It's decisions like that one that will get a HC fired and Rex Ryan is already talking about 'making adjustments' if the Jets don't finish the season well. Can he really be trusted to make the correct 'adjustments'?

I think the clearout in NY needs to be radical and brutal. Rex out, Sparano out, Sanchez and Tebow both need to be traded(I like Tebow but he's probably not a QB that's ever going to win you a Superbowl and ultimately that's what you're aiming for. He also doesn't appear to be all that popular with the Jets fans anyway). Once you have a new HC in place you can then start looking at the draft and FA and deciding how you want to go about rebuilding your team.

It must be frustrating for you Jets fans these days as, not so long ago, you were legitimate Superbowl contenders and looked like you were on the cusp of achieving something big. Now you are looking at a season in tatters and a team that is adrift.

Good luck with your rebuild(whether it's with or without Rex).

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Old 24.11.2012, 01:27 AM
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My estimations of Rex have definitely gone down this season, too many problems he identified last year are still problems and getting blown out at home this many times in 1 year would see plenty of other coaches out the door.

On the other hand, he has the defence playing very well considering we lost our best player early on. Revis is easily one of the best players in the league, and our scheme was largely designed around his talents. No mean feat to over come that - Rex is unquestionably a defensive genius.
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