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Default Bears popularity

The Bears are a popular team on both sides of the Atlantic but they have only won a single superbowl which was over 27 years ago, so whats the explanation!?

Personally I like the Bears because they were THE team when NFL arrived on channel 4 in the 80s. However, why would they have twice as much support as the Dolphins, 49ers or the Raiders (according to facebook) who have 10 rings between them? I know the Bears have a rich history but what else accounts for their large following both here and in the US?

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Many reasons. From a US standpoint they are located in America's second city ( certainly from a sports point of view ) and have a rich history. Recently of course they have not been as successful as many but the very nature of the NFL means the C'ship gets passed around quite a bit. 13 different teams since '85 with probably another 10 making SB appearances so it gets spread around therefore easy to remain relevant. More in the HOF than anyone else.
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