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Old 18.06.2019, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by goodkarma84 View Post
and like all joy it didnt last long, when you have the worst owner in history he will continue to destroy everything.

so after already looking like losing 2 key players for free, he has not refused to offer a reasonable contract to Bowyer.

the fella is an imbecile.
Bowyer’s now signed a one year deal, weird situation...
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Old 18.06.2019, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by wayne ellis View Post
Bowyer’s now signed a one year deal, weird situation...

the fella is loyal to the players, fans and the club i guess and must be hopeful the club will be sold. Roland in the statement tried to claim a new owner wouldnt want him, which shows how stupid he is, a new owner coming in and firing Bowyer would of been an awful start (although he fired a popular manager because he wouldnt play some sub standard fella that he brought in.)

i doubt many would of been able to take that sort of official statement and decide to stay, when there were other options.
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