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Old 01.12.2009, 09:12 PM
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Default #1 Defence vs #6 Offence

Packers are now officially the #1 Ranked Team based on total defence (YPG)

That doesn’t really mean much without being put in context with records IMO:

D Rank - Team (YPG) - Record

1 - Packers (281.5) - 7/4
2 - Jets (283.9) - 5/6
3 - Steelers (288.4) - 6/5
4 - Giants (290.5) - 6/5
5 - Broncos (295.0) - 7/4
6 - Bengals (297.6) - 8/3
7 - Redskins (298.3) - 3/8
8 - Vikings (303.5) - 10/1
9 - Eagles (304.9) - 7/4
10 - Ravens (308.9) - 6/5

* only 2 of the top 10 teams lead their divisions (Bengals and Vikings)
* the top 10 teams have a total win/loss record of 65/45 (0.591)
* an average win/loss record of 6.5/4.5 games

Now, taking a look at Offence:

Rank - Team (YPG) - Record

1 - Saints (425.9) - 11/0
2 - Patriots (411.5) - 7/4
3 - Colts (393.4) - 11/0
4 - Cowboys (392.1) - 8/3
5 - Vikings (390.0) - 10/1
6 - Packers (382.0) - 7/4
7 - Giants (374.7) - 6/5
8 - Texans (373.6) - 5/6
9 - Steelers (372.4) - 6/5
10 - Cardinals (357.5) - 7/4

* 6 of the top offensive teams are leading their divisions (exceptions: packers, giants, texans and steelers)
* The 10 teams have a total win loss record of 78/32 (0.709)
* The average win loss record is 7.8/3.2

*Just to point out too that the top 10 offensive teams all have starting QB's who are at least in their 5th season (rodgers being the youngest) and 9 of the top ranked QB's in the game IMO (stress IMO - I’d switch romo for rivers).

Note that only 3 teams rank within the top 10 of both offense and defence (Packers, Steelers and Giants) - none of whom lead their divisions.

SO, looking back at that old phrase "Defence Wins Championships", I would agree that it may serve you best in the playoffs - the Steelers, Giants, Colts and Steelers all had arguably the best defences during the playoffs and won the previous 4 superbowls. The cardinals and bears have also won the NFC based on great playoff defences.

However, it seems offence is what gets you there. So perhaps in future we should look at a philosophy of:

"Offense Wins Divisions"
"Defences Win Superbowls"

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Old 02.12.2009, 09:27 AM
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I noticed those stats as well at the weekend and was going to post something similar.
Although we are ranked at no.1 on defense (YPG), we are down in 12th for Points Per Game.
Prob the reason we are top on YPG is the fact we have a shocking Special Teams Unit when it comes to KO & Punt returns, so the opposition has a short field to work with. I think we are last on Special Teams for punting, and probably around the bottom for KO returns as well.

Despite saying that about our D, i'm still overall quite happy with how they've performed.
I don't know a great deal about the game beyond what I watch on gamepass and read on some forums, but some people have the worry that capers always seems to get found out after a couple of seasons when offensive co-ordinators wise up to his schemes (based on previous record), anyone more knowledgeable than myself see any truth in this?
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Old 03.12.2009, 05:11 PM
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The rankings that stick out though for me is that we are No1 in penalties and sacks given up, which i think is just as important as these Offence and Defensive rankings, hopefully the sack totals will drop like they have the last 2 weeks and if we are to make the play-off the penalties need to drop aswell.
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Old 07.12.2009, 09:32 PM
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We are shocking for giving penalties away.
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Old 07.12.2009, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by MrLAH88 View Post
We are shocking for giving penalties away.
Too true,it seems to be an ongoing thing under MM though,I was watcing a game I recorded from 07 versus the Broncos and we gave up well over 100yds in pens,I had'nt realised it was something that has plagued us fr a while as stats is'nt my thing.
It is certainly something that needs to be addressed though,however I don't see it happening whilst MM is the coach maybe he is prepared to put up with it as it seems to have been going on under his tenure without showing signs of improvement.

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Old 07.12.2009, 10:00 PM
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Definitely, I was going to post in my reply above, its been a problem for a while.

As you say, surely if improvement was going to happen it would have happened already.
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