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Old 28.12.2009, 08:46 AM
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Default 2010 Draft

Whats needed to improve the Pack in the draft?

Should we draft for need or best player available?

Any players standing out?

Personally i think we need to make O-Line Tacle or Guard the priority, other positions i think we could look at are CB and RB. As for which players i have no idea as i dont follow college football.
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Old 28.12.2009, 06:54 PM
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I think where we are drafting it will be PBA and if there's noone there i can see TT trading out of the first again like we did a few years back.

I think we are set at Guard on the O-line , especially if Spitz makes a full recovery,Sitton has done a great job filling him for him,maybe use a late draft on some depth but i think College,Spitz & Sitton are solid enough. I can see us drafting a tackle but it won't be a top prospect for were we are drafting if we use our first pick on one.

Think we'll maybe D-line somewhere, Harrell seems a bust now and having Pickett injured has exposed a slight lack of depth at DT.

It will be interesting to see if we use a high pick on a CB,we do have plenty on the depth chart and it all depends on how the coaching staff evaluate them at seasons end, i think if a top prospect drops to us in the first we'll take one.

I think the team have a big decision to make about Kampman aswell, will he recover, does he fit ?? If they decide his GB days are over then OLB will be a position we should use a top pick on.

There isn't a great deal of big time talent coming out this year RB wise so i doubt we take one high unless someone drops, IMO though i'm happy with Grant/Jackson, we could do with a change of pace back though but picking will be slim.

All in all i think this will be a BPA draft to fill out depth unless something major happens in FA and trades take place (which is unlike TT). There are no real glaring needs outside of a good LT.
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Old 30.12.2009, 11:34 PM
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At the tackle position we're going struggle to get someone of decent worth at our spot. I suspect Davis and Campbell as well as Okung will be gone before we get to pick. If Campbell does slide, he's not a guy who can start straight away IMO. Bulaga would be there if he comes out but he's a RT prospect I think.

At RB we could see Jahvid Best fall to us, would be an amazing change of pace back. Ryan Mathews could possibly be there in the 2nd.

Along the D-line we could see Corey Wootton, a guy with great size to fit the 3-4 DE be around our pick in the first. Terrance Cody could be an interesting look to clog up the middle and kick Raji outside to DE, I think Cody could slip after all is said and done. Tyson Alualu is a good shout for either 1st or 2nd round pick dependant on how he works out.

At OLB, Eric Norwood would be my pick. I don't expect Kindle to be there but would love it if he was.

CB pickings are really slim this year, in the first I'd say Donovan Warren of Michigan, in the second there are a few prospects but I'd like Syd'Quan Thompson who may be on the small side but is a good cover guy and will be physical.
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