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Old 17.02.2010, 06:47 PM
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Default 2010 season

Heres the teams we play next season:

Home Games: Minnesota-W, Chicago-W, Detroit-W, Dallas-L, NY Giants-W, Miami-W, Buffalo-W, and San Francisco-W

Road Games: Minnesota-L, Chicago-L, Detroit-W, Philadelphia-L Washington-W New England-L, NY Jets-L, and Atlanta-W.

So im predicting a 10-6 finish, one worse than last season. Obviosly predicting before the draft is difficult just making assumptions on who will make good pick-ups and who won't. Your thoughts at this early stage in the Off-season
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Old 19.02.2010, 12:26 AM
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Best possible scenario: 16-0
Worst possible scenario: 0-16

- u never know

right now to a realtisitc approach:

Home Games: Minnesota-W, Chicago-W, Detroit-W, Dallas-W, NY Giants-L, Miami-W, Buffalo-W, and San Francisco-L

Road Games: Minnesota-L, Chicago-W, Detroit-W, Philadelphia-W Washington-W New England-L, NY Jets-L, and Atlanta-W

ive gone with a 11-5 record too but different picks and can be seen as being conservative and hopeful - i mean i switch to beating eagles and cowboys - a very tough ask, but a loss to 49'ers and giants - a less viable option as of the moment but thats the NFL

tbh id like to think we could go 6-0 in division next year - especially if its without favre who even if does come back i have a suspiscion that he may will be unfortunate enough to have a down year - especially in comparison to the last.

Realistically when you look at favres record, when was last time he had back to back very good years? Perhaps 01-04 when his rating averaged arround 90 and about 30TD's for 15 INT's.

Since then hes fluctuated quite a bit: 05 - rubbish (20/29 70.9), 06 - average/poor (18/18 72.7), 07 - Good (28/15 95.7), 08 - Average (22/22 81.0), 09 - Very Good

It's also going to depend on schedule, if we have the NFC east teams and the harder hitters in quick succession then we may lose more (i.e. say we started like this: cowboys, bears, eagles, vikings, 49'ers, Jets, Patriots - that would be a very hard run up to a week 8 bye. On the other hand if it was wk 1- bills then, lions, redskins, dolphins then we could get momentum up early)

Obviously its very difficult to predict at this point as every year a team can go top to bottom and bottom to top (In 09: Panthers = Top to Bottom, Bengals = Bottom to Top) and say the redskins could be a completely different team by sepetember.
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