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Old 23.04.2014, 12:11 PM
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Default 2014 schedule

So: predictions, hopes, fears?

Minimal Mondays and Thursdays please. Vikes away in December please. Bears away before home please.

Seattle first up, or week 15; either setting benchmark or determining seeding.
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Old 23.04.2014, 01:51 PM
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Can't disagree with any of that, though I'd prefer a mid-late bye week rather than the early one we had last year.
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Old 24.04.2014, 12:04 AM
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Off to Seattle we go. Huzzah!

1. @ Seattle (Thurs)
2. Vs Jets
3. @ Lions
4. @ Bears
5. Vs Vikes (thurs)
6. @ Dolphins
7. Vs Panthers
8. @ Saints (SNF)
9. Bye week
10. Vs Bears (SNF)
11. Vs Eagles
12. @ Vikes
13.Vs Pats
14. Vs Falcons (MNF)
15. @ Bills
16. @ Buccs
17. Vs Lions.

Scattergun. Tough start. Only one MNF and one proper Thursday, can't complain. Nice bye on paper, great stretch at home after it.

Have to start fast, which we haven't done since 15-1.

Other than the 5 "specials" I'd reckon the Bears, Pats and maybe Eagles will get the SKY treatment. Lovely.

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Old 24.04.2014, 06:11 AM
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2-2 First Quarter
3-1 Second Quarter
3-1 Third Quarter
4-0 Fourth Quarter


It's fallen well, get out of the first four in one piece and then we should win 3 straight before losing in the Superdome. After the bye the toughest games are at home so chances there for a very strong 2nd half.

As our schedule is similar to our divisional rivals, I would expect the North winner to get a playoff bye this season and thus if that team can find a way to defeat the West winners in the title game (49ers), then we could have a champion coming out of our division.....why not us?!
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Old 30.06.2014, 07:56 AM
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Not Very hard but not easy, if we win against NFC north team, 12-4 is possible.
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