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Old 16.04.2018, 08:23 AM
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Looking at these '30 visits', and at the Cowboys tendencies and draft history, I think the field is narrowing for pick #19.

I might be wrong, but to me they tend to value athletes in round 1, and the bigger the better (relative to their position). They aren't scared away by 'youth' or 'inexperience' either, in fact they may actually value younger prospects more.

They tend to value DE's over DT's, and they have always been willing to invest picks at LB.

The premier athletes they've had in for visits (or Dallas Day) are D.J Moore, Leighton Van den Esch, Taven Bryan and Courtland Sutton. Harold Landry is no slouch either, but he's not 'elite' numbers wise. All of them are 22 or younger though.

If you look at the depth of the draft, with the potential to trade up in Rd 2 if you have to, and WR might not be a necessity. The same could be said of DT, but there is a gradual drop off for sure.

So that leaves LB and DE. I think they value DE more, but Leighton Van der Esch is a 22 year old, 6'4 LB who tested off the charts. The drop off at DE after Landry is sharp, but either way it doesn't look like the top tier of LB OR DE will stretch to the top of the 2nd round.

For those reasons, at this stage, I think:

Pick 19.

Leighton Van der Esch
Harold Landry

The dark horse here, who I haven't mentioned, is Marcus Davenport. He played at Texas-san Antonio, so I'm not sure if he is a 'visit' or not, but he ticks just as many boxes as Landry, possibly more. His size is the biggest plus compared to Landry (6'5 vs 6'2). If Van der Esch is there though I think his size and ability to match up with TE's is going to win out.

Trade back/Trade up in Rd 2:

Courtland Sutton
Taven Bryan
D.J. Moore
Rashaan Evans

The way in which they continually ignore DT makes it hard to believe they'd take Bryan, even if they traded back. Maybe if they pulled off a Travis Frederick like move, trading back to #31, they'd take him but I don't think he'll last that long. Sutton has intriguing size, but his hands aren't the greatest. I think they are more likely to take him late in the 1st with the 5th rd option than trade up for him in the 2nd. That said I think there is more chance Sutton is available than Moore. Rashaan Evans is Van der Esch 'insurance'. I don't think they'll like him enough to take him at #19, but I certainly think they'd trade up for him in Rd 2 if they miss out on Van der Esch.
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