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Old 14.05.2011, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Packman4 View Post
Jets are arrogant tools who have had no real success but talk a good game. If you love cocky teams they are the ones to go for.
Made my day!!
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Old 17.05.2011, 03:18 PM
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after 5 years?

If its that long a guess some people are not meant to have one team and just watch all the teams and enjoy the games.

If you dont have any passion for 1 team after 5 years of watching lol I dont hold much hope for picking 1 and sticking with them.

Heres my short take on these 3 teams main points I see- as I have just joined up today but have done a lot of research on teams.

Chiefs great stadium + fans if season going well. Saw a clip of Browns @ Chiefs their season was over and top half of stadium looked like some of the Buc's empty seats games.

Ravens stadium looks good, fans get behind team all through the season, few steps away from a superbowl.

Strange thing with this club I found they got crapped on by Indi move then did the exact same thing to Cleveland.

Jets great city / stadium lots of things to do on a visit, few steps away from making it to championship game. Good new young QB.

I feel for the NY teams / fans after what the city went through and I could end up picking one of these as my team as I have a soft spot for them- but not a burning passion for them to win if that makes sense.
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