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Old 17.11.2009, 06:10 AM
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Default Introductions

Hi everyone -

I've fallen in love the community here and did something quite uncharacteristic; I joined. Besides, we Rams fans need all the moral support we can get. Right?

Rather than simply introduce myself, I figured that maybe it was time to get our own introduction thread going. I hope nobody minds that I start it, being a newbie here.

(With thanks to the Packers board):

NAME - Matt

AGE - 33

LOCATION - Saint Louis


WHY THE RAMS - They're my hometown team

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - Local TV, though that's dicey since they're not selling out many games these days which leads to reduced air-time.

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - Watching Tony Banks fail during our inaugural seasons

BEST RAMS MEMORY - What else? Mike Jones' stop in Super Bowl XXXIV

WORST RAMS MEMORY - Watching Super Bowl XXXVI with a room full of Bears fans


FAVOURITE ALL TIME PLAYER - Kurt Warner (or Isaac Bruce, hard to say)


RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - Believe it or not I've not been, though it's only 20 miles away.


TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - Bears. St. Louis and Chicago have a thing with each other, though in reality it is entirely due to the Cardinals and the Cubs (baseball) and has nothing to do with football. Still, screw the Bears.

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - University of Illinois, my alma mater. The Illini were horrible this year. If I had to choose another NFL team, it'd be the Colts. I just think the world of Manning.

Also, I'm curious. How did you come to be Rams fans? Was it because of 'The Greatest Show on Turf," or perhaps due to pity in the years that followed? Regardless, I'm happy to find this place.

We almost beat the Saints, surely we can beat the Cardinals (a former St. Louis team, and with a former St. Louis quarterback to boot)!
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Old 17.11.2009, 10:35 AM
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First of all welcome to the board, the more Ram fans we can get on this site the better as we're easily one of the smaller supported teams on here.

NAME - Craig

AGE - 26


RAMS FAN SINCE - 1987/88

WHY THE RAMS - I was a kid and loved the uni (and it looked so good again against the Vikings this season) which at the time seamed a reasonable way of deciding, wouldn't change it now if I had the chance.

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - A mixture of TV (Although being a Rams fan that's not really viable as we're never shown. Unless you play on the East you generally only get shown sparingly.) and the internet.

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - Being made to sit and watch the highlight video of the 9ers beating the Rams by my Dad in 1988. Who then suddenly wasn't interested when we beat them at the end of the year.

BEST RAMS MEMORY - There is only 1 that stands out as you say, 'The Tackle'.

WORST RAMS MEMORY - The Linehan Era for me, I kinda fell out of keeping in touch with the Rams in the early to mid 90's. You could also add my dad showing me the highlight video of us being destroyed in the nfc championship game in 89 to this, remember that being brutal.



FAVOURITE NON-RAMS PLAYER - Current - All Time - Walter Payton

RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - None yet, I'd love to make a trip at some point though.


TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - Cowboys, Giants, Jets and Dolphins.

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - In America, there isn't much as I don't generally enjoy basketball, baseball or hockey. I also just can't get into College ball to a degree where I could support someone, I despise the system to select the so called 'best' teams and generally hate the way big teams seem to want to whoop on small teams to boost a record rather than play some good teams and get challenged, that's effectively the system I guess. I do however watch players when I can, guys like Suh, Berry and Andrew Luck are my main college player crush's atm. In Scotland, I support Dundee United (soccer for you, football for me ) obviously the national team in Football (Soccer) and Rugby Union.
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Old 17.11.2009, 10:47 PM
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Welcome to the boards!! Nice to have someone actually from St Louis on the boards, you can let us know the feelings coming from the States..

NAME - Pete

AGE - 21

LOCATION - Basingstoke


WHY THE RAMS - My mate at school who introduced me to the sport was a Rams fan

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - Unfortunately don't get to see many (any) as they are never on TV and gamepass doesn't seem to work very well with my comp/internet . Mostly have to follow on gamecentre and sometimes a radio stream if i can find it

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - Tuned in to a game on Sky, very first play I saw Faulk ran in from about 20 yards, instant love!

BEST RAMS MEMORY - Watching all the highlights and DVDs of our Superbowl winning season makes me wish I got into the sport a few years earlier! Best memory I can remember since following the sport closely has to be making it to the big one in 2001/2002

WORST RAMS MEMORY - Losing the big one in 2001/2002. And the last few years where we have just been terrible

FAVOURITE CURRENT PLAYER - It's gotta be #39! JL looks like a very good player too.



RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - Planning to make a trip within the next few years

BEST GAME / TAILGATE EXPERIENCE - Been to the two most recent London games, Saints v Chargers was an awesome game!

TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - Patriots. 9ers. Seahawks.

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - Sometimes take an interest in the baseball Cards, but I find it all hard to follow from a distance.. Closer to home I follow Blackburn Rovers in soccer and then obviously England. I also follow Ireland closely for some reason.
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Old 18.11.2009, 12:43 AM
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Great to meet you guys and thanks for the welcomes.

I should have mentioned the baseball Cardinals as well. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I'm pretty sure that all the doctors in the hospitals here insert it straight into our DNA when we're born.

The mood here is quite mixed. Whereas last year it was pretty much all doom and gloom, this year a bit of cautious optimism and patience have been injected into the city. We're happy with the new coach (so far), are willing to give his system a chance and realize that it won't happen overnight. Our win against Detroit was huge, of course, and our performance against the Saints was a moral victory of sorts.

In short, the mood in STL is pretty much what you would expect, and what you yourselves probably feel. For a bit more insight I'd definitely recommend you check out our local newspaper's site:

Post-Dispatch Rams Page
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Old 18.11.2009, 02:05 PM
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NAME - Harry

AGE - 39

LOCATION - village 10 miles north of Brighton


WHY THE RAMS - first team i saw come up on Channel 4

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - gamepass HD but there is loads of Streams out there FREE

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - strike year 1982 Rams finish last in the NFC with a 2-7 record

BEST RAMS MEMORY - Mike Jones' stop + loads of other errr Warner to Bruce they wont catch him today ,Shaun McDonald 52 yard pass from Marc Bulger 2004 OT win over the Seahawks but i have 100s,, them 2 stick out today but id probably change them tomorrow

WORST RAMS MEMORY - superbowl loss,scott loseihan u know the guy who let Bruce go because he thought Drew Bennett was better, he and the front office put us back years .
some of them earlier season and Dick Vermeil years were tuff as well 5-11 (97) 4-12 (98)

FAVOURITE CURRENT PLAYER - Steven Jackson, James Laurinaitis

FAVOURITE ALL TIME PLAYERS - Kurt Warner ,Jim Kelly,walter payton,Az-Zahir Hakim,Bruce,Holt,Faulk,Tony Horne had guts but there loads more Darrell Green for that great chase downs of Tony Dorsett and Eric Dickerson the guy had flat out speed


RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - nope not yet will do maybe next year


OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW- used to like the Bills in the Marv Levy days , Brighton fc

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Old 18.11.2009, 07:40 PM
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Good to see a couple of new faces on the boards. The Rams have never been a hugely supported team on this board. I remember a few years back and it was pretty much only myself, Lock & Load and maybe one or two others who would regularly post and I don't really post as often these days. The more people we get on the gameday threads on the NFL Season boards the better as well

NAME - Adam

AGE - 23

LOCATION - Manchester

RAMS FAN SINCE - 2004 - I'm still relatively new to football. I did used to catch bits of the sport back in the day when it was on Channel 4 but I never really took to it at the time.

WHY THE RAMS - I remember randomly going into a local used computer games shop and picking up a copy of Madden 2002 with Marshall Faulk on the cover. I started playing as the Rams as they were pretty much the best team on the game with Faulk and Warner and I like the uniforms. Decided to start watching some games on Sky Sports, having already picked the Rams as a team to follow and have been hooked ever since. Little did I know what I was getting myself in for, having not yet actually seen them have a winning season, although we did scrape into the playoffs at .500 back in 2004.

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - I used to find streams on the net or listen to the radio/follow on Gamecenter but this season I've started using Gamepass which helps a lot as streams are particularly difficult to find for a team that has been one of the worst in the league over the last couple of years...

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - I remember sitting up in the early hours of the morning in university, watching MNF against Tampa Bay and Adam Archuleta stripping the ball from one of the Bucs player and taking it about 70-80 yards for a TD

BEST RAMS MEMORY - Not really many to choose from Probably the playoff win against Seattle in '04/'05. Another personal favourite would be the Ryan Fitzpatrick led comeback game against the Texans in Houston where we came back from something like 17 points behind in the final quarter, scoring 10 of them in about the final 20 seconds of the game and winning it in OT

WORST RAMS MEMORY - Could say most of the last few seasons, but the one's that stick out are this seasons opener against Seattle, Philadelphia last season and Carolina on the road about 3 years ago. Woeful offensive performances in all 3 and I think we were shutout in all 3.

FAVOURITE CURRENT PLAYER - Got to be Steven Jackson. The guy carries the team

FAVOURITE ALL TIME PLAYER - Can't really say that I could have an all time favourite player. I was a year too late for Warner and Faulk was on his way out with his dodgy knees by the time I showed up. I liked watching Holt and Bruce but again, I didn't get to see them play during the GSOT years.

FAVOURITE NON-RAMS PLAYER - Probably Peyton Manning for me. It's amazing watching him pick apart a defense.

RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - Haven't been to any games yet. Was in the States for a month last year but unfortunately it was during the offseason so I had to settle for baseball games. I do plan on visiting St Louis eventually to see a game (or whichever city the Rams play in by the time I get round to it...)


TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - The Seahawks I can't stand, the Patriots are an obvious choice, unlike a lot of Rams fans I'm indifferent about the 49ers, probably because I've never seen them have a particularly good team.

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - I'm a big rugby league fan and have a season ticket for Salford City Reds and watch Oldham Athletic in the football. I keep an eye out on Missouri's progress in the college game too.
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Old 10.09.2010, 07:33 PM
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NAME - Tim

AGE - 33

LOCATION - Wolverhampton

RAMS FAN SINCE - The exact year is a bit hazy due to being a young age but we're talking very early 80's, around '80-'83 it must have been.

WHY THE RAMS - My uncle moved to LA and used to come back every Christmas with a present for myself and my brother, one year we got Rams jerseys and that was it, the Rams were the team for me!

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - I rarely watch them as we don't make the box these days but I read pretty much anything I can find, mainly game reports from the St Louis Post Dispatch via the net and of course any highlights (30 seconds when you're rubbish!) on Sky or the NFL website.

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - Hazy due to my lack of years when I got that jersey but I clearly remember the '89 championship game against the 49ers so this is probably the first real memory. I was about 13 then and I know I'd seen the odd game before then but this is the first I clearly remember . . . for all the wrong reasons!

BEST RAMS MEMORY - 'The Tackle', I didn't actually see the game live. I was travelling at that time and saw extended highlights of it whilst on the ferry between New Zealand's North and South Islands, best ferry trip ever! I also met a woman from Minnesota while down there and remember sitting in a bar enjoying the banter with her a couple of days before our play off game against them that year too. I bumped into her a week later and boy was that fun as she'd made a lot of big claims about what those Vikings were going to do to use, to be fair they were pretty good that year, just not as good as us!

WORST RAMS MEMORY - That first one again, '89 NFC Championship game. Unknown to my Dad I stayed up to watch it in my room with the sound off so he wouldn't get wind of what I was up too, I was 13 remember! That's the game that turned me into a bonafide 49er hater, until then the rivalry was thousands of miles away but that night it landed in Wolverhampton in full effect!

FAVOURITE CURRENT PLAYER - Baby Animal, If ever I played I'd want to be a linebacker!

FAVOURITE ALL TIME PLAYER - Tough to choose. Eric Dickerson, as despite the lack of memory he was the man in the 80's and that's the decade it all started for me so I feel an affinity there. Recently, Kurt Warner, even cheered him on for the Cards. I love all 'The Greatest Show on Turf' team though. I love the history of the Rams too, The Fearsome Foursome, Jack Youngblood, I mean how can you not love a guy who played on a broken leg!

FAVOURITE NON-RAMS PLAYER - Ray Lewis and Brett Favre.

RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - None as I've never been over during the season but it'll happen sooner or later.


TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - 49ers, the rest pale in comparison although the Pats have gained some ground. Raiders, I think that's a hangover from my early LA supporting years. Seahawks. Never been bothered by the Cards although after Kurt was denied another ring two years back I've started hating the Steelers quite a lot. Cowboys and Redskins. That looks like a lot of hate but beyond the Niners and a slight rising of blood pressure when you mention the Pats it's all just mild dislike.

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - As well as a Rams jersey we got Dodgers and Lakers gear and I've seen both play out there. Over here it's Wolves all the way, very similar to the Rams. Five years ago we were down and out and we built it up slowly but surely with good young players and now we're back in the big time (well we're in the Premier League) so fingers crossed it goes the same way for the Rams.

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Old 10.09.2010, 11:30 PM
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NAME - Stu

AGE - 24

RAMS FAN SINCE - 2000ish

WHY THE RAMS - Got into the game around the time of the greatest show on turf

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - I don't unless I can find a dubious link.

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - Not a single memory. Just the greatest show on turf.

BEST RAMS MEMORY - What else? Mike Jones' stop in Super Bowl XXXIV

WORST RAMS MEMORY - Going into last season knowing we would win 1 game tops



FAVOURITE NON-RAMS PLAYER - Peyton Manning/Ray Lewis



TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - Seattle and New England.

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - Quite like the Ravens and Colts.
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Old 11.09.2010, 04:43 PM
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NAME - Alex

AGE - 14

LOCATION - Windsor


WHY THE RAMS - Just love the 'underdogs'

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - Over the internet... (not gamepass)

FIRST RAMS MEMORY - Sam Bradford #1 Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft for the Rams

BEST RAMS MEMORY - Win over the Pats in pre-season (kinda wierd, but I'm only a Rams fan since a couple of weeks)

WORST RAMS MEMORY - Finishing the season 1-15




RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - Nope... hoping they will come over to London though

BEST GAME / TAILGATE EXPERIENCE - Looking forward to IS 2010

TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - 49'ers, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - Miami Dolphins, Liverpool (whoayy)
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Old 13.09.2010, 12:12 AM
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NAME - Brad

AGE - 20

LOCATION - Bridgend S.Wales

RAMS FAN SINCE - 2000/2001

WHY THE RAMS - I had the Madden 2001 demo and it was Rams or New England

HOW DO YOU WATCH OUR GAMES - Over the internet... (not gamepass) Five



WORST RAMS MEMORY - Finishing the season 1-15 Holt leaving


FAVOURITE ALL TIME PLAYER - Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt , Issac Bruce

FAVOURITE NON-RAMS PLAYER - carlson parmer :/

RAMS GAMES I HAVE BEEN TO WHERE AND WHEN? - Nope... hoping they will come over to London though


TEAMS I DISLIKE THE MOST - 49'ers, Vikings and Browns

OTHER TEAMS YOU FOLLOW - Leeds utd , Red wings
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