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Old 09.09.2009, 10:39 PM
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Default Jets Fans introduce yourselves

Seen this on a few other threads thought I may as well put one in here.

Name: Adam
Age: 22
Location: Reading
Fan of Nfl Since: Playoffs and Superbowl 38 (Pats and Panthers)
Fan of the Jets since: April 2008
Why the Jets: Was in New York in the April anndit was around the time of the draft and despite not really supporting a particular team found myself getting caught up in it all and decided to go for a NY team as thats were I was with the Giants winning the superbowl a few months earlier and the fact my dads a Dolphins fan I had to pick the Jets

Favourite Current Jet(s):Revis, Washington, Cotchery and Keller
Favourite former Jet: Not really applicable for me.
Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Pats 34-31 in New England
Worst Jets moment: Loosing to the Dolphins in the last game of the season

Hopes for the season:
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Old 10.09.2009, 12:01 PM
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Name: Simon
Age: 34
Location: Wrexham
Fan of Nfl Since: Superbowl XX (1985)
Fan of the Jets since: 1985
Why the Jets: I've got family in New York
Favourite Current Jet(s): Jerrico Cotchery
Favourite former Jet: Curtis Martin, Vinny Testaverde, Wesley Walker
Favourite Jets moment: The win of the Dolphins in '86.
Worst Jets moment: None, it's been non-stop joy ;>
Hopes for the season: Beat Pats at least once, beat Miami twice, sneak wildcard
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Old 10.09.2009, 12:30 PM
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Name: Scott
Age: 42
Location: Bonnyrigg(nr Edinburgh)
Fan of Nfl Since: 1984
Fan of the Jets since: 1984
Why the Jets: Had an old Jets t shirt and I didn,t know who they were , when CHANNEL 4 started showing the games and I realised this had to be my team. They were also an exciting team to watch at that time. I got my mates involved shortly after and they have all seen their teams win the Superbowl , hopefully this is my year.

Favourite Current Jet(s): Washington, Harris
Favourite former Jet: Mark Gatineau
Favourite Jets moment: Watching the Jets beat the Dolphins 51-45 in OT ,on the old videos from Pontel (those were the days, and some people moan about not getting red button games)
Worst Jets moment: The double overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs plus every Patriots superbowl victory.

Hopes for the season: Ive got to say superbowl again.
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Old 10.09.2009, 02:52 PM
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Name: Chaz
Age: 30
Location: Inverurie - Aberdeenshire
Fan of Nfl Since: 86-87 memories are vauge but i remember watching it on CH4
Fan of the Jets since: Nov 2006
Why the Jets: Was in New York in the Nov Went to watch them play the Texans, loved the experience, and am going back this year so as I will have physically seen them more than once its them.
Favourite Current Jet(s): Washington, Cotchery and Sanchez (go rookies)
Favourite former Jet: Not Luvernes Coles
Favourite Jets moment: First Game V Texans @ the Meadowlands
Worst Jets moment: Yet to have one im very lucky :P
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Old 12.09.2009, 11:55 AM
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Name: Jason
Age: 36
Location: Morecambe
Fan of Nfl Since: 1985 - Bears "Refridgerator"
Fan of the Jets since: 1985
Why the Jets: I got thinking about this last year, as I started watching the NFL in 1985. After four or five years, stopped watching it and got back into it about 7 years ago and I am transfixed in front of the TV on a Sunday night.
So I got thinking why the Jets, as I always knew that I wanted to support, but couldn't remember why I picked them initially.
Then I watched "Flash Gordon" a rare classic from many moons ago, and he was a New York Jets Quarterback, so it must have been from there I picked the Jets, some years I think it was a foolish decision, but I can't help but love them, and they are my team FOREVER AND EVER.

Favourite Current Jet(s):Revis, Washington, Keller and hopefully SANCHEZ.
Favourite former Jet: Curtis Martin
Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Pats 34-31 in New England
Worst Jets moment: Failure to keep up the good work from the first half of last season through to the end.

Hopes for the season: Hopefully Sanchez can start well and we can have a good season, Hope we can get to the post season, but fear we may just miss out, with what is a very good AFC conference.

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Old 13.09.2009, 09:09 AM
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Name: Jonathan

Age: 18

Location: Fermanagh, N. Ireland

Fan of Nfl Since: 2003/2004

Fan of the Jets since: 2003/2004 - Really noticed how passionate a fan I had become in the 2005 playoff games.

Why the Jets: Ask myself this every day

Favourite Current Jet(s): Mangold, Leon, Revis, Rhodes, Jenkins, Brick, Keller etc. (I really could go on!

Favourite former Jet: Wayne Chrebet, Curtis Martin

Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Chargers in the epic overtime game in the Wildcard round.

Worst Jets moment: The week after that - Doug F'ing Brien.

Hopes for the season: That Sanchez looks like the real deal. I like everything I've seen from the kid thus far and really feel good about him. I think we could be a competitive team but this guy is our future and he is the franchise from now onwards.
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Old 13.09.2009, 04:57 PM
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Name: Daryl

Age: 22

Location: London

Fan of Nfl Since: 2001

Fan of the Jets since: 2001

Why the Jets: Sounds ridiculous but at the time (2001) my friends were in to American Football and tried to get me in to it aswell. So i used to check the scores on Sky teletext to see what teams there were and Testaverde was in the background so i asked my mates who he played for and thus i started closely following the Jets and have been supporting them ever since.

I also have relatives in New York which seemed to make sense.

Favourite Current Jet(s):Revis, Leon, Pace, Rhodes, Jenkins, Harris.

Favourite former Jet: Chrebet, Curtis Martin, Mo Lewis, Marvin Jones, Richie Andeson, Mawae to name but a few.

Favourite Jets moment: Trouncing the Colts 41-0 in the 02/03 playoffs. Was a thing of beauty.

Worst Jets moment: As mentioned by Jacks Jets, Doug Brien missing his TWO FG's against the Squeelers in the playoffs was a bitter pill to swallow.

Hopes for the season: For Sanchez to have a solid first year and to make the playoffs. Would also love to sweep the Patsies.
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Old 14.09.2009, 08:20 AM
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Name: Iain
Age: 28
Location: Ayr
Fan of Nfl Since: First game was the Superbowl in 2001, followed Jets since 2002 season
Fan of the Jets since: Nov/Dec 2002
Why the Jets: After seeing the previous Superbowl I started watching the coverage on 5 the following season and as the games went by it was the Jets that I found myself rooting for. Not any specific reason, just a natural coming-together.
Favourite Current Jet(s):Rhodes, Sanchez, Keller, Feely
Favourite former Jet: Martin, Pennington, Vilma, Moss, Mawae
Favourite Jets moment: San Diego win in the 2004 playoffs.
Worst Jets moment: Any loss to the Pats
Hopes for the season: Entertaining games, Sanchez to look the part, new deal for Washington.
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Old 14.09.2009, 09:06 AM
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Name: Mike
Age: 20
Location: Chippenham, Wiltshire
Fan of Nfl Since: Superbowl XXXVIII (Pats and Panthers)
Fan of the Jets since: 2006
Why the Jets: I purchased Madden and I had recently watched the Jets play the Pats so when it said "Select you favourite team" I went with the Jets. Have followed them ever since.
Favourite Current Jet(s):Revis, Keller and Washington
Favourite former Jet: Pennington
Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Pats 31 in Boston last year
Worst Jets moment: Loosing to the Seahawks at the end of last year
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Old 14.09.2009, 01:11 PM
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Name: Steven
Age: 23
Location: Glasgow
Fan of Nfl Since: 2000
Fan of the Jets since: 2001
Why the Jets:I liked new york,I liked the team name,i liked the colors,I liked the underdog mentality.

Favourite Current Jet(s):Mangold,Woody,D'Brick and Washington
Favourite former Jet: Chad Pennington,Curtis Martin.
Favourite Jets moment: The ending to the 2002 season,beating the world champs at home and destroying green bay to clinch the division.Not to mention the win over the Colts.
Worst Jets moment: The playoff losss to the Steelers in 2004,that was as hard a fought battle as ever I had seen one.

Hopes for the season:Playoffs/finish 2nd in the division,beating the pats would be nice as well.
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