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Old 01.10.2009, 12:09 PM
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Name: Jonny

Age: 24

Location: Larne, Northern Ireland

Fan of NFL Since: 2000

Favourite Current Jets: Revis, Jenkins, Scott, Rhodes, Leonhard

Favourite former Jet: Namath and Maynard

Favourite Jets moment: Well I've only basically started to support the Jets this season because I'll always casually watched the NFL. But this pre season I suddenly got really into it.

I've always been a rugby fan and just love the physical side of the NFL and during pre season I thought I needed to start supporting a team. So I tried to find any links I could think of to give me a sense of being a real fan.

So I decided I needed to support a team who I was capable of seeing play at home in my lifetime so for ease of access I had to pick an east coast team. Also I wanted to pick an east coast team due to being from the east coast of N.Ireland. N.Ireland or Irish always play in green so mix all these things together I went for the great Jets.

I also wanted to pick a team who have been under achievers for a long time because I want to really go through a roller coaster experience and not be just expecting to win the division with ease every year, it just makes it more fun to never know what to expect.

Worst Jets moment: Haven't had one yet, actually so far this season it has been whenever Sanchez has fumbled and it's starting to worry me because he does seem to be loose with the ball, but hopefully he will learn in time.

Hopes for the season: Would love the Jets to make the playoff and win the division. I understand how difficult our divison is so to win it would be great and just to make the playoffs to keep me involved in the NFL for as long as possible during the playoffs.

I think we will make the playoffs and who knows if Sanchez keeps getting better and our defence keeps knocking people out we could surprise a lot more teams.

J E T S jets! jets! jets!
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Old 01.10.2009, 08:56 PM
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Name: Wayne

Age: 34

Location: Letchworth

Fan of NFL Since: 1985

Favourite Current Jets: Darrelle Revis, Leon Washington, David Harris, Kerry Rhodes

Favourite former Jets: Curtis Martin, Wayne Chrebet, Erik McMillan

Favourite Jets moment: Probably when we hammered Green Bay to win the division while New England and Miami effectively eliminated eachother. Other than that there was Curtis Martin's TD pass to Wayne Chrebet to beat the Bucs and stuff Meshawn's comments up his ****, John Hall's game winning FG against Oakland to get us into the playoffs, the overtime win against Miami in the last game of the 1991 regular season, the Monday Night Miracle (natch) and Erik McMillan's rookie season.

Worst Jets moment: Blowing certain victory against Pittsburgh in the playoffs thanks to Doug Brien or the Championship game defeat to Denver in a game we really should have won (would have beaten the Falcons in the Superbowl too).....

Hopes for the season: Keeping my feet on the ground despite our great start so 8-9 wins would be a great achievement imo. Saying that, if our D can keep playing at the current level and Sanchez doesn't hit the rookie wall a playoff place is a definite possibility with our schedule.
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Old 04.10.2009, 01:10 PM
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Name: Simon
Age: 33
Location: Aberdeen
Fan of the Jets since: 80's

Why the Jets: First team I saw when Ch4 started showing highlights on tv.
Favourite Jets: Leon Washington, Nick Mangold, Kris Jenkins
Favourite former Jets: Curtis Martin, Santana Moss, Brett Favre
Favourite Jets moment: Any time we beat an AFC East team especially the Pats.

Worst Jets Moment: Defeat to Pittsburgh in the play offs when the kick hit the cross bar.

Hopes for the season: To go undefeated all the way to a super bowl victory !
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Old 26.10.2009, 05:09 PM
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Name: Wayne
Age: 36
Location: London

Fan of Nfl Since: Superbowl XX

Fan of the Jets since: September 1985
Why the Jets: First Game i watched was on TV at my uncles house, he supported the Patriots and I wanted to root against him. Also the fact that NY was on the east coast and Green was one of my favourite colours helped me to choose. I was hooked after that.

Favourite Current Jet(s):Cotchery, Washington, Revis, Rhodes and Harris.

Favourite former Jet: O'brien, Al toon, Chrebet, Gastineau and Martin.

Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Packers to make the post season.

Worst Jets moment: Losing to the Broncos in the AFC title game.

Hopes for the season: playoffs and a decent D.

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Old 26.10.2009, 05:53 PM
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Location:West Sussex

Fan of NFL since:1987(Ch 4)
Fan of the Jets since:Early 80s after seeing Flash Gordon(the movie)
Favourite Jets: OBrien,Testaverde,Pennington,Favre,Sanchez. QB,s!
Fav Jets moment: Any snippet of them I can find will do me.
Hopes for any season: Superbowl winners
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Old 06.11.2009, 03:30 PM
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My name is Vin aged 32
I am a Jets fanatic from Ireland.
I have been supporting the Jets since the early nineties though thanks to the miracles of the internet I have been able to be more actively involved in following the teams progress more recently.
Why did I become a Jets fan?
I love New York the Jets seemed more like a team that symbolizes real life, minor victories offset by crushing moments, and I didn't want to do what everyone else did and pick the 49ers who were the team of the moment. The way the played the week after D-Byrds injury showed me that they were the team for me to support.
Favourite players?
Ken O Brien, Vinny T, Wayne Chrebet, Chad Pennington, Nick Mangold (go Buckeyes) Leon Washington, Thomas Jones, Mark Sanchez
My favourite Jets moment?
The midnight miracle... that was just an amazing game. To turn things around like that.
Least favourite Jets moment?
Seeing the way some of the fans have turned on the team over the years, more so this season. It just makes no sense.
Hopes for this season?
Hmmm I would love to get to the Superbowl and win it in Miami, that would be a nice little sickener for the Miami fans. But I would be happy with getting to the playoffs as a wild card team. Sanchez has a lot of promise, and I feel that if the team cuts out the lack of discipline and the coaches play to the situation then they can get a lot out of this year. Mind you the pundits picked the Jets to be 8-8 this year.
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Old 07.01.2010, 02:05 PM
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Name: Dom
Age: 16
Location: Woking
Fan of Nfl Since: 2007
Fan of the Jets since: 2007
Why the Jets: Was always interested in the sport. Went to NY towards the end of 06 and watched a Jets game on tv there, from there my interest in the sport and Jets steadily grew.
Favourite Current Jet(s): Revis Christ.
Favourite former Jet: Lav Coles, i really liked him when i first began supporting the team
Favourite Jets moment: Beating the Pats 34-31 in New England
Worst Jets moment: Last season's meltdown

Hopes for the season: Fullfilled
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Old 07.01.2010, 08:04 PM
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Default introducing myself

Name: Alastair
Age: 19
Location: Cheltenham / @ Uni in Bristol
Fan of Nfl Since: 2008
Fan of the Jets since: 2008
Why the Jets: Got into the sport pretty late to my shame through friends and wanted to pick a team. Loved the underdog mentality as I'm used to supporting the teams that arent the greatest. Recognised the jets from adam sandler films and shows like king of queens, as pathetic as it sounds. Watching us battle out in a game sealed it for me.
Favourite Current Jet(s): Leon Washington, Darrelle Revis
Favourite former Jet: not really applicable to me but having favre for those first 11 games or so was awesome.
Favourite Jets moment: winning in overtime on a cold night in foxborough in '08, and leon's kick return 4 TD
Worst Jets moment: Watching Chad come back to the meadowlands with the fins to finish off our 08/09 season
Hopes for the season: divisional round of playoffs. can't ask for anymore than that.....yet

havent been a jet fan as long as i would have liked but I've made up for it quickly and am devoted to supporting the gang green

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Old 15.01.2010, 03:31 PM
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Name: Tony Dean
Age: 32
Location: Chipping Ongar, Essex
Been fan of NFL since 1985
Fan of the Jets since: 1990 (well started taking an interest in them since)
Why the Jets: New York City is my 2nd home and it seems as though everyone there supports the Giants! Not me!! I love the Jets uniform too. Really got deep into American Football more recently though late 2000's.
Favourite Current Jet(s): Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis
Favourite former Jet: Pennington, Favre.
Favourite Jets moment: I know its new but beating Cinci to advance in 2010 playoffs.
Worst Jets moment: Again this season, watching us go 3-0 then letting it all go to Sh**
Hopes for the season: Dare i say it................ Superbowl baby! why not? we beat the Colts and Cinci already this season not to mention the Pats, its one game at a time, bring on the Chargers.
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Old 16.01.2010, 04:43 PM
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Name: Sean Kelly
Age: 25
Location: Highcliffe, Xchurch
Been fan of NFL since Superbowl XLIII
Fan of the Jets since: 2009, I love the Jets uniform too.
Favourite Current Jet(s): Mark Sanchez, Darelle Revis (Revis Island baby)
Favourite former Jet: Chad Pennington.
Favourite Jets moment: Advancing to 2010 playoffs.
Worst Jets moment:N/A
Hopes for the season: N/A

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