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Red face

Woops, I just realised how old this thread is.....But my point still stands!!
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Originally Posted by Lido View Post
Hi guys

I've always liked NFL since my dad and old brothers started watching it in the 80s. However it's only in the last 5 years that I've really got into the game seriously. This month I bought my first ever Game Pass so am very excited about the coming season.

I chose Chargers during a trip to the US where I watched lots of NFL coverage on TV. I really like the way they played and their mixture of passing and running games. LT was still a Chargers player at the time and was amazing to watch. I also like the colour blue (being a Mancunian). So I decided if I'm really going to get into NFL, I have to pick a team to follow and I picked San Diego!

However I still have lots to learn and have a question for you guys.

Why do other supporters seem to hate Philip Rivers?

I went down to the Sports Bar in London to watch a play-off game (NY Giants @ Green Bay on Jan 15th) with my brother. I had my Rivers jersey on (my bro was wearing his NY Jets jersey with Favre on the back! Much to the delight of the Giants fans!)

There were quite a lot of Americans in the bar (students and people working in London etc.) and I got some serious stick for wearing a Rivers jersey. The issue didn't seem to be that I had a Chargers jersey, it seemed to be the problem was Rivers himself.

Some people were kind enough to try and give reasons for not liking him - his attitude, arrogance..... but others were just plain abusive.

I even got abuse in the toilets! "Rivers! Can't believe you're wearing that jersey man!"

Some people were even more upset when they discovered I was English and wanted to know why I'd chosen "the furthest team from London!?".

Anybody have any thoughts on this?
Being a SOCCER fan too it is funny how some of my friends just chose a SOCCER team by accident. I visited San Diego in 2009 and decided that they were the team I was going to support. I did have a soft spot for the Seahawks in the 80's.
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