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Old 21.08.2014, 05:01 PM
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Default 2014 predictions

So how do you guys feel it will go?

I have been pleasantly surprised by our defence thus far. It hasn't been tested too hard but the starting D shut out the Giants starting O (they are pretty poor and it is preseason but a shutout is still a good sign). Looked good against the run. Pass rush will be an issue until we get Mathis back though.

Nicks looked good. A large part of that may be the fire of playing against his old team but if he can maintain that he looks like a great addition. Between him, Reggie and TY (and some promising depth too) at WR and Allen and Fleener at TE we have great targets for Luck....

....IF we can keep him upright. The O-line is still a worry. T-Rich looks better....not exactly explosive, but he looks like he understands the scheme better and knows where the gaps are supposed to be IF the line can make them. He has thrown in some decent blocks thus far too.

So if T-Rich can be reasonably productive and we can keep Luck on his feet I can see 11 or 12 wins being a good result and 5th or 6th seed in the AFC. Even if the defence tails off and the running game doesn't materialise I can still see 9 or 10 wins just from shoot outs our offense is that potent.

And who knows, if we hit the playoffs without key injuries, I can see us getting to the AFC Championship game. I think the SB is too far without a better O-line and a feature back.
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Old 24.08.2014, 01:56 AM
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I'll eat my hat if we have a running game and a competent defence when we get to the playoffs.

Start 0-2, finish 10-6, win the AFC south and a playoff game, eliminated on the road against either Denver or New England. But what the hell do I know? Andy may carry us to the superbowl. If we get to the postseason reasonably healthy there's a chance, if we have the amount of injuries we did last year, not happening.
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Old 24.08.2014, 02:47 PM
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The injuries have not helped to start with. Getting frustrated with Luck having to play another season trying to remain upright behind a patchwork O-line with question marks along the interior. I'm hopeful Mewhort can be player.

receivers and TE's is obviously encouraging, Nicks and Moncrief upgraded over DHB looks good, very excited about Moncrief's potential and what Andrew's been saying about having three #1 receivers on the team.

Don't hold out much hope for Richardson I always felt the stuff about learning the playbook and settling in was an easy excuse. Werner's impressed in preseason so hopefully he can step up and at least part replace Mathis' productivity early on.

Can't really see that much progression this year. Agree that we start 0-2, finish 10-6 or 11-5 again and lose in the divisional round.

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Old 29.08.2014, 08:25 PM
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Honestly the way we have won games over the last few years with Luck i find it impossible to predict anything with this team.

A few things i do think though....

With Luck we can beat anyone

If we are going to become an elite team two players development comes to mind. Trent and Werner, both talented but as yet have shown very little

I think our Run D has a chance to be really good. Art jones, redding, jackson and freeman we know are good players, but from what Chapman has shown in the preseason he could be a special player, he is Wilfork like at times. fingers crossed he stays healthy
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Old 07.09.2014, 12:14 PM
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Yeah fully agree with your optimism about the run D. Lets just hope that Mewhort plays well straight away and Thornton can improve on last year. At least we can't say that we have neglected the O-Line in the draft. 2014 2nd round and 2013 3rd and 4th round picks is a fair bit to throw at it!

I predict another 11-5 season.
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